Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's Make a Mess Today

I got up today, looked outside, and then I decided that today was a good day to make a mess. Our Spring break hasn't been so springy, so today was a good day to stay inside and make a mess.

Last Spring when Aunt Marcia visited, we were supposed to make spring cookies because she sent us a bunch of these.

Sprinkles galore! Let me tell you. We had dinosaurs, and sequins, and stars, and eggs, and I could go on and on, but why? Just believe me when I tell you that we had some spring sprinkles to be sprinklin' around.

We never got to make them last year because the girls got Aunt Marcia sick. Yep. She spent her vacation coughing and hacking and then she went back home and went to work coughing and hacking. And for that, we are truly sorry. We tried to make it up to her today with cookies.

Come on, I'll show you.

Zoe Bug takes her cookie making pretty seriously.

Annika is just waiting for us to look away so she can start eating the dough. We aren't eating any of Girlfriend's cookies here because she was salivating all over her dough.

Now we're decorating . . . my favorite part. This is the part that I have to mentally prepare myself for. When kids (Annika) get frosting on their fingers, they lick it off and then dive right back in. Talk about an OCD freak's nightmare. It was.

Thank goodness we can tell which cookies were made by Stinkerbell. They're the ones with globs of frosting and mounds of sprinkles.

Oh look, Stinkerbell is already having a cookie break. The little monster.

Zoe was all business, but chatter-chatter-chattering the whole time. It was exhausting. For us.

Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Flower power?

I kill myself.

What a mess.

Which reminds me, Sammie has been playing her little Relatives-Are-Visiting game with Aunt Marcia and I'm about to lock them both outside. Sammie goes to the door and waits to be let out. Marcia lets her out. Immediately Sammie wants back in so Marcia lets her back in so she can stalk us and follow us around the house until Marcia lets her back out. Then in. Then out. Then in and I'm like "STOP IT!" I think Marcia is doing it on purpose. She's so passive-aggressive.

That's why I like her so much.

Sorry. I was reminded about Sammie because she's our first defense for cleaning up food off the floor. And the mess we made was a job for Sammie.

These are Stinkerbell's cookies. I made her put her chubby little hand in the picture so I could remind myself that these are the last days of the chubby baby hands. They're almost gone. Sniff, sniff. She'll be six in less than two weeks. Sniff.

Here are Zoe's cookies. She was super impressed with Aunt Marcia's cookies and she was being a big copy cat. I'm so proud.

Do you want to come over and help clean up? I'll give you a cookie . . .

By the way, I used Peanut Head's Ultimate Sugar Cookie recipe which is at the bottom of this post.


  1. OH my you have done it again!!!! love them and can't wait to make them thank you.

  2. How cute! And really ...who can NOT eat that yummy sugar cookie dough! My girls would love this - I think I will put this on my Spring Break "To Do"! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Oh, girl, those are adorable! If I were next door, you'd have to contend with the cookie monster next door!!! So good thing I'm all the way in TX.....Love the cookies!


  4. Mmmm. I am in! Comin over. Oh wait my sister beat me to it and she is in your state already this week. Her and I are going to have to talk about her "trying" to be all crafty :) LOL! These are great cookies I like how you outlined them. You want my address? :)

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  6. I'd come over and eat a cookie and maybe help you clean up. The girls did a fabulous job on the cookies and what fun making those memories! They turned out sooooo CUTE!♥

  7. Vurry cute! What a fun way to brighten up a dreary spring day!

    And fattening, too....


  8. I would come help clean up for one of those yummy cookies, but I'm sick and don't want to give it to Aunt Marcia...

  9. I gave you The Lemonade Stand Award.

  10. How fun!!! Your Easter cookies are just as fabulous as your Valentine cookies!!!! So cute with the girls and what memories. You are such a terrific mother.

  11. Arrggh
    I'm all the way in Texas too but I'll be home tonight. Save me one.


  12. I am glad to know that there is another mom out there like me... OCD! I think that is why I have a hard time letting the kids get too crafty. I'm afraid of the mess! My daughter would do the same thing, Oh icing on the finger-no big deal just lick it off and keep on going... They did a great job! We too have a wet/dry vac named Scrappy (our dog).

  13. Came over from ABC/123! Love your blog!

  14. You temptress you. I'm dieting. And those. Look. So. Dang. Good. YUM!!!!

  15. So, do you have a recipe card for a good sugar cookie recipe? I desperately need a good one...the recipes I've tried always taste like junk. :)

  16. such pretty yummy cookies!
    i had that same ocd problem too- i would cringe when the kids got out the play doh and mixed the colors, or dipped paint brushes in one color then another. with 6 kids i had to learn to get over that fast!

  17. Looks like so much and they look so good. Am putting it on my to-do list with my girls for Easter.

  18. What a fun day! And I can see how hard that would be with sprinkles and being OCD. Hmm...let us know how clean up went, k?

    My dog does the same thing! I am so glad to know there is someone else that has a dog that does it too! We just call him neurotic.

  19. Oh my! YOu think that is a mess...that looks pretty clean to me:-) I need to do that too with Aria but not sure what I will do with Kaden...he is starting to crawl now!
    Great post!

  20. Those are beautiful! I love all the pretty sprinkles...this almost makes me want to bake, almost.

  21. A mess indeed! But that looks like they had so much fun! You must have patients of steel!

    I haven't made cut out cookies in foreva. Maybe if I start thinking about it now I can make some 4th of July cookies. Maybe.

  22. You're cookies are adorable!! All of them! ; ) I bet the were tasty too. Man, now I need a good sugar cookie...

  23. You put my sugar cookies to shame! Where did you get the cute wooden rolling pins for your girls?

  24. Colette,
    I found that particular set at Ikea with a kids baking set. We also have a set from the Target Dollar Spot. They have them there from time to time, and I even saw them in the dollar bins at Jo Ann Fabrics recently. The girls each have a rolling pin for cookie making and a rolling pin for Play-Doh. They're so handy to have, so whenever I see them, I snap a couple up because they are great gifts with an apron or some Play-Doh.