Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Reason to Make a List

Back in April I did a Crazy Giveaway where I was going to choose five people randomly to receive something made by me. Today I'm taking care of lucky person #2 with one of these cute little Errand Clipboards.

I bought these things naked. Well, what I mean to say is the clipboards started out naked, I wasn't shopping in my birthday suit or anything icky like that. I used a little Modge Podge and some scrapbooking paper to cover them, and then I fluffed them up with a little ribbon. They're 4-1/2" x 9" and they are just screaming out for a list.

When I first spied these little list maker's dreams, I immediately thought they would make the cutest little Errand clipboards. If you want to make one for yourself, you can get it from your Stampin' Up consultant. I got mine from Melanie-Who-I-Almost-Killed-With-Pie.

Now here's a closer look. The first clipboard has a bit of a Wild West theme going on.

And I do love my ribbon.

I just love this paper. It makes me feel like watching re-runs of Bonanza. I can even hear the music . . .

The second one is a little more feminine.

Still, there's plenty of ribbon.

Now, the lucky winner gets to pick which one they want. I'm keeping the reject for myself because I love me a good list.

So, commenter #5, otherwise known as GaeLyn, which one is it going to be? E-mail me at with your pick and we'll make arrangements for delivery.


  1. Oh those are awesome! I love those. Do you sell them?

  2. Those are cute! I bought a clipboard in the summer before my husband found out his cancer had returned, with the intent of doing something like this.

    The other day I bought some modge podge because I kept hearing about it and wanted to try making a few things. Any advice on using modge podge?? I hear it can be a bit tricky. Can you glue your fingers together with it? I'm always a bit of a chicken to use superglue for that reason so just curious about the modge podge!

    and by the way that comment about buying the clipboards naked made me nearly get my nacho chip stuck in my throat, I need to not be snacking while blog hopping! ;)

  3. Hi Ter,

    Modge Podge is nothing to be afraid of. It's very much like Elmer's white glue. You brush it on and it goes on kind of thick. There's no danger of sticking fingers together because it's nothing like super glue. You can brush it on the paper or on the thing you are going to adhere it to, and you can slide it around a little bit to get it positioned correctly. It's very forgiving. I usually give my projects a couple coats of Modge Podge. You just want to be sure to give it plenty of time to dry between coats so that it will dry clear.

    I'm sorry about the nacho chip. My blog is a dangerous place. :)

  4. Too Cute! It beats the ugly brown board one that I use from the office supply store!

    I'll have to add this to my list of things to do this summer.

  5. What a great idea and so very cute. I am so jealous I have zero creativity!

  6. Lucky GaeLyn...those are adorable!


  7. Those are cute. I've always wanted to alter a clipboard but have never gotten around to it.

  8. Have you thought about opening your own Etsy shop, Jill? Those are so cute!

  9. So cute...a creative master you definately are!

  10. These are darling - I love them, especially the errand one. I'm a list-maker myself so I definitely NEED one, don't you think? : )

  11. Oh so very cute as always!

  12. Those are really cute...definitely would brighten up a mundane trip to the store!

  13. Those are too CUTE!!!! Great little list holders!♥

  14. Darling, simply darling! Makes me almost wish I had tossed my name into the hat but I knew with what's going on right now I'd never be able to fulfill the other end of that - make something and pass it on.

    Oh, and I had to go and read the death-by-pie post. I laughed until I cried. Then promised myself that I'd never make the pie. As I know we'd eat it in one sitting.

    Oh, and I made cookies today and thought of you!

    Yep, knew you'd be impressed. :)


  15. These errand clipboards are adorable. Do you paint the back of the clipboard or cover it like you do the front? Why all the ribbons? Got a ribbon fetish? LOL! Is the lettering(alphabet)from scrapbooking supplies?

  16. I can see you being able to take this along in the car when you run your errands in case you needed to jot a find a way to attach a pen or pencil to it. Would the heat from sun in car bleed through on cloth seats?

  17. I have another question for you. Do you use the Mod Podge gloss coat or matte finish. My first guess is the Matte finish?
    For those of us that have never used this product before, are there any special instructions?