Friday, January 9, 2009

Takeout Menu Organizer

Since the New Year is often all about getting organized, I wanted to be sure to share this idea with you. This is my Takeout Menu Organizer. It's simply a binder filled with pocket dividers, like this.
Each pocket is labeled by type of restaurant, and inside each pocket I include menus from restaurants.

I also include coupons. I think I have more pizza coupons in this section than anything else. We seem to get a lot of those in the mail, don't we?

I can't even tell you how handy it has been having this thing put together. When we want to eat out, but we can't decide where, we flip through this binder to jog our memory.

Or, when we do know what we want, but we don't want to go and eat there, we have the menus easily accessible for ordering in.

Plus, it's just a great way to corral all those restaurant coupons that tend to get stuck to the fridge and forgotten about.

You can put one of these binders together relatively quickly, but if you'd rather just buy one, check this out.

Isn't it pretty and tidy looking? You can find it at Knock Knock and it sells for $21.00.
They even include an order pad, a pen, and takeout tips including a handy tip chart.
Here's what their pocket dividers look like.

I love mine, and I think you need one, don't you?

RESOURCES: I've had questions about the pocket dividers. I used Oxford Letter Size Slash Pockets which I got at Staple's. I would think that most office supply stores would carry them as well. I also got the 1" view binder at Wal Mart, but of course, you could find that at the office supply store as well.


  1. oh wow you have the best ideas! how do you add a post to your favorites?!

  2. We get take out from 2 places and get the same thing every time. :)

  3. Yours looks beautiful! I just love your blog. It's the total package :) Food, crafts and funny! Nice work!!

  4. Love, love this idea. Where did you end up finding those great dividers and such...I want mine JUST like yours! Right now I just store all my coupons in a little coupon holder but it is exploding at the seams and I have been on the lookout for new things to try.

  5. I have my take out menus in my Home Management Binder in sheet protectors but I like your pockets better! I gotta get me some of those!

  6. If I lived next door, neighbor, I'd just come take a look at yours....since that's not possible, maybe I really SHOULD make my own!
    ;-)Thanks for the inspiration!!


  7. what a great idea! sadly, the pizza places are the only places that will come to our subdivision. i want me delivery chinese!

  8. What a great idea!! Our menus are just stuffed in a drawer, how's that for organization? You would have a heart attack if you saw that drawer....

  9. Love your idea! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I usually keep all my menu's in a folder in my filing cabinet. This looks neat though - and more fun to look though.

    Another great idea!