Thursday, January 15, 2009

Girlfriend's Got No Teeth

Annika yanked out her last front tooth a couple nights ago, and I just love the toothless grin. She talks funny now too.

I'm just glad that bonehead of a tooth fairy got it right this time.

P.S. Zoe just saw this post and she's having a fit because I called the Tooth Fairy a bonehead. Peanut Head told her not to worry, she'll still come for her teeth, just not Mama's.


  1. My what big eyes she has......adorable!

    Your neighbor,

  2. She is so cute and is going to be toothless if she doesn't watch out! CUTE!

  3. Great photo! Time to break out the corn on the cob. I love that she took matters into her own hands. Oh, and nice save by Peanut Head, way to go - thinking on your feet!

    Cheers, Kiy

  4. You do know that when you get old, lose your hair and teeth and poop yourself... that she is going to take photos and post them online.

    And laugh her butt off the whole time thinking "Finally I get my revenge"


  5. hehe, too cute! you better be nice to the tooth're not going to get any money when you start losing your teeth!!