Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ribbon, Glorious Ribbon

Check this out. Michael's put their ribbon on sale this week and it turns out that I needed some more ribbon. Honest.

I can tell because I keep my ribbon in rainbow order and some colors were lacking a bit.

Plus, just in case Peanut Head gave me grief about it, I could prove it to him with a colorful spreadsheet.

See, if there's an x, I have it. No x, have not and must have.

Unfortunately Michael's didn't have all the colors I needed. Fortunately, I couldn't afford it all right now anyway. Michael's saved me from a financial crisis.

It turns out this spread sheet was a great idea because I tend to do this.

This is all the ribbon I have duplicates of. I would say it's sad, but I know I'll run out of these and have to buy more at some point. So, I'm just pretending that I'm stocking up. My ribbon storage for hard times so to speak.

Ooh, I think Peanut Head has his angry eyebrows on.

Cover your butt and use this ribbon inventory sheet yourself the next time you go a shoppin' for ribbon. Click on it before you save it to your computer, and you'll get the best resolution possible.

I'm going to keep mine in my purse so I can always snap up a hot deal. What about you? Are you ready to buy some ribbon?


  1. Oh my! I am truly jealous of your ability to be so organized. I have this huge plastic rubbermaid tub thing under my bed with all my craft supplies. Then I have some in the office, and some in the kitchen, and some in every other room of the house. I seriously need some organizing help!

  2. So ready just cuz I have a list! Thanks!

  3. This is great! So funny! I too am a LOVER of all ribbons. I dont have prefrences, I sometime duplicate too...but you can ALWAYS, always have more ribbon. There is no such thing as too much ribbon! (You do know about Ribbon Retreat and their website, right...if not, you are in BIG trouble. So addicting!)

  4. OK now I am really cracked up at your ribbon spreadsheet! I'd probably never be able to find the spreadsheet when I went shopping You know I don't think you have any chaos at your house at all with your organizational abilities!


    First reaction: You can ship the extras to me... I need those colors too!

    Second reaction: What a cool spreadsheet. I need to do that.

    Third reaction: She is an ANGEL!!! I am so glad she shared her spreadsheet because I *know* I would never have actually created my own!

    Luv you! You are amazing!

  6. Oh, neighbor!!!!!!!!Two things....1.if we really did live next door to one another, we could start our own ribbon store, because I am sure between the two of us we have one of every kind. (I kind of like ribbon, too.) and 2. You are an enabler, plain and simple. I did NOT need a ribbon coordinator to point out to me which colors I was lacking. Now when I print that baby off, and check the inventory over the course of a few days, I'm going to figure out what I am missing/why I must have it/and how to justify further adding to the growing collection that I love and use but continue to accumulate. Now that is a long sentence.....
    So...thanks for the great ribbon I know what to send you for a happy!! ;)

  7. you are too organized. a ribbon spreadsheet? you rock.

  8. You are way too funny girl! I think a spreadsheet for my ribbon would be an awesome idea. However, if I actually did one there would be no point, I would always leave it at home when I went shopping so I would still buy duplicates! :)~

  9. You are cracking me up!! You've got it bad girl! LOL

  10. OK, you win the Most Anal Retentive Award hands down. But, hey, pretty ribbon!

    BTW, Howard Hughes and Martha Stewart would never have let me in their car after the cow poop incident. I would have been walking home!

    And, what's up with the Controlling My Weight blog? Are you going to share it with all of you? (And no, I wasn't being nosy. I'm on my laptop and don't have your site bookmarked on it, so I had to go to your profile page from a comment on my blog and saw you've been holding out on us....)

  11. Ok, I think I'm about to make fun of you.....yep, I am, a spreadsheet for your ribbon???? You're cuh-ray-zee!!! J/k, love you!! (and your cuh-ray-zee-ness!)

    Love the new ribbons though, I have a ton of those sitting in a box in storage, waiting to be used one day when I have a house, with space, to scrapbook and such.

  12. ooh, it sure is a good thing you found that sale, because you were sorely lacking in green, orange and white! I love your inventory sheet--I do the same thing with knitting needles (hard to keep track of your dpns otherwise) though mine is not as pretty. And I have no doubt you will find good use for your extras in time.

  13. I looooooooooove your ribbon and idea here.

    I sooooo need to have a ribbon inventory. :)

    I wish we had a michaels here.