Friday, January 16, 2009

Kitchen Mishap Number 1,89 . . . Oh Forget It. Who's Counting Anyway?

I made these cupcake pops today. Aren't they cute? Yes, they are, but I'll tell you what, they taste like crap. I'll elaborate in a minute.

Today I tried to be Bakerella. I love Bakerella. She's my blog crush.

So I thought I was going to be Bakerella, and I made her famous cupcake pops.

I will never do it again. Leave the miniature baking magic to the queen. She was on Martha Stewart even, so you know she's good.

Here's why the cupcake pops taste like crap.

It's these nasty, waxy candy melt things. They are very pretty when melted, but they taste like a cheap, waxy, cheap, nasty imitation chocolate Easter bunny. No lie.

And this is imitation chocolate flavored Almond Bark. Hideousness, I should have known.

I particularly sucked at the dipping the cup part of the cupcake in the pretend chocolate. I kept dipping the wrong end. Over and over and over again.

After the twelfth pop, I said "Life is too short for this mess of a baking adventure," and I threw it all away. Except for the non-rejects, that is.

Once I got to this point, and I just had to dip the cake end of the cupcake in the pink waxy hideousness, it wasn't bad.

Then I stuck the M&M on top and sprinkled some sprinkles, and I think they turned out pretty cute. But that's as far as I go. They are nastiness personified.

I will say though, that the kids loved them. But they like cheap, waxy imitation chocolate Easter bunnies too.

If you want to see how a professional does it, go to the real Bakerella.


  1. She is one of my favorites too! She made it look so easy!

  2. I tried to make these a few months ago when they were all the craze on the internet. I followed the directions EXACTLY, and they would not form into balls. Maybe the cake was just too moist in our humid environment? Anyway, when I mixed the cake with the icing, it was just a bowl of mush! yuck!!

  3. Of course the kids love em they are pure sugar! They are awfully cute though...givin ya props for the cuteness of them though :) You crack me up with the blog crush! I would have to say that you are my blog crush! There I said it. I tell everyone about your blog and all the great ideas you have :)

  4. I think they look FINE! My kids would tear.them.up.! They don't get stuff like that here. I am not a cook. Poor kids. Keep tryin! I bet you will do it better next time.

  5. Glad Im not the only one who has a heck of a time being Ms. Bakerella. I just love, love her oroe and nutter butter truffles so I make them alot but until the 7 zillionth batch they always looked pretty well crappy. I've tried the cupcakes and had the same luck as you. Lukily I didnt dig them as much so I dont have to get in all the practice like the truffles.

  6. I love Bakerella too, but I've never had luck making her stuff. Then again, I'm no baker...

  7. I think they are just too cute! I may have to try that. I bet mine will fall apart. I can't use eggs b/c of Abbey's allergy. I wonder if egg replacer will do good.... hmmm... I feel a project coming on.

  8. I think they came out great! I havent tried it yet...I saw the recipe on the Bakerella website, then I managed to catch the appearance on Martha...they make it look so easy, but i fear a real mess....yours look good though!!!

  9. I had a horrible experience the other day, trying a recipe from my blog crush. I am not sure if I did it wrong, or not, but Ugg.

    The cake was thick, heavy and really nasty. The sauce was pretty good though.

    These LOOK really cute.

    I don't like the wax melts either.

    I sure do like your verve!

  10. those are SO cute. i'm sorry to hear they weren't as tasty. note to self: don't use candy melts. thanks for the tip!

  11. Gasping for breath! That is just the funniest thing! Her instructions are to make them, smoosh them up and scrunch them half into flower cookie cutters???? Wouldnt it have just been easier to make them in mini-muffin tins to begin with???

    And I agree about the pink melts. They are horrible. I wonder if you could have gotten the same effect but better taste with royal icing. hmmm. well. ah. Sounds like a project to try some-OTHER time. =D I will add it to the list right behind that brownie cheesecake that I have ruined twice already and still can't get right.

    I played if safe today (with the kids home on another snow day) and made the ever easy homemade pizza and my fabulous 15 minute/one bowl chocolate chip cookies. That had to be enough. I couldnt do any more than that. Maybe tomorrow I will get as fancy as you... but probably not without prodding and some more of those beautiful recipe cards..... ;)

  12. Hahahaha.....sorry, that's not funny, huh? They look just like my cakeballs!!! I warned you about them, didn't I??? hehe.

  13. They DO look adorable!

    I love it when the kids say they like my rejected food. At least it's not going to waste. Strange how sometimes they can be the pickiest eaters - but then I give them something I know taste bad and they like it...I think it's all about the sugar.