Sunday, January 18, 2009

If The Shoe Fits . . .

While eating dinner this evening, Zoe asked us why we had to go to Sunday school. Peanut Head replied, "You never want to stop learning. Throughout your life you should always be learning."

Then I jumped in "Yes, you learn at Sunday school, from reading books, the computer, at school, and all around you. You are always learning."

Zoe looks a little annoyed and replies "Well everything I learned about animals, I learned from books. I don't learn anything from school."

I had to correct her at this point, "Actually, Zoe, you've learned a lot about science and ecosystems at school, so that's not true. Your teacher has taught you a lot of science recently."

"Yeah, except I don't get the lessons."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well, an inference (pronounced super snotty, like a teenager would do it) is supposed to be a guess, but I don't get why they call it an inference, why don't they just say guess?" she says, rolling her eyes dramatically.

To which I reply, "Well, you know how Fancy Nancy likes to use fancy words for everything? Scientists are just like that. They use fancy words to make themselves feel special and so no one else knows what they're talking about."

At this point, Peanut Head starts choking and spraying milk out his nose because he knows I'm talking about him. Hey, if the shoe fits . . .


  1. That is so funny!! I could just see her rolling her eyes at you:-)

  2. Oh, just imagine Miss Zoe as a teenager.
    She is getting you ready.


  3. Nice! Love this. Plus I love that you went back to the intro of Peanut Head. LOL!

  4. Hahahaha....Zoe sounds like a handfull!!! I agree with Suzanne no telling what her teenage years will bring.....

  5. your daughter is so sassy. i love it!

  6. Hahaha, so adorable! And so smart!

    p.s. Doctors do it too, he always enjoys using fancy words around me, and then makes me look them up in the dictionary like a child...hmph.

  7. you have the best answers to everything. that cracked me up...Mattie

  8. Bahhhhhhhhh, that was funny. If I had been drinking something I would have been spitting it out my nose too while reading that I laughed so hard. He, he...