Monday, June 29, 2009

My Boyfriend's Back

My boyfriend's back and you're go-o-o-o-nna be in trouble
Hey la, hey la my boyfriend's back
If you see him come, better cut out on the double
Hey la, hey la my boyfriend's back
You've been spreadin' lies that I was untrue-hoo
Hey la, hey la my boyfriend's back
Look out now cause he's comin' after you-oo
Hey la, hey la my boyfriend's back

Sorry. I couldn't resist. I really don't know where these things come from. This is a picture of Zoe Bug and her friend-that's-a-boy, Sean, that she has known since they were six months old.

Sean's inconsiderate-of-my-feelings mother moved him away to St. Louis years ago, and Zoe only gets to see him for a short week or two each summer. Hence the song.

I call this picture Horse Tooth Meets Beverly Hillbilly.

Today we went to visit Sean, his sister Maggie, and their mom, Suzanne. They're staying at Grandma Nancy's house because really, they came to see her, not us. We get worked in though, so I can't complain.

Would you look at that creepy bird trying to eat that poor butterfly? Thankfully they were strategically placed when I snapped this picture because Zoe Bug was lettin' it all hang out. It's a good thing she's only eight. It could have been ugly.

Here are Sean and Zoe on that same bench when they were eighteen months old.

Well, not really. I mean they were 18 months old but it's not the same bench. I lie embellish sometimes.

We were pushing them together, even at that young age.

But they're soooooo cute together.

We're Soopa Stars!

Come on Homey, let's cruise the mall.

Okay, enough of that. I wanted so badly to put a particularly sweet picture of Sean on here, but his Dad, R.S., is coming to trick out my computer this week and I so badly need that. 

R.S., which is short for Rocket Scientist because he really is a Rocket Scientist, is a manly man and he doesn't take too kindly to my adventures with the camera. Plus, I might've threatened to blow this particular picture up into a poster for his viewing pleasure. Instead, I decided to just sit on it until Sean is a teenager and I can really get the mileage out of it. Until then, you'll have to satisfy yourself with pictures of Pickle's boys playing dress-up. He hates me already, so I lose nothing.

Last summer I posted some layouts of this wicked awesome slide that Sean and Maggie's Grandma Nancy got for them. I love this slide.

Everyone loves this slide.

Grandma Nancy needs to get her yard fumigated for creepy birds and freakishly large butterflies. They are handy though. Annika's right bum cheek would not stay tucked in for anything and this butterfly happily obliged.

I love that.


  1. Of course we come to see YOU, but since we are staying with grandma, we have to see grandma.

    Thank you for that trip down memory lane. How sweet they are together, and I will continue to push my son onto your daughter two weeks a year.

  2. heh thank goodness for extra large butterflies!

  3. Hi, just want to say I stumbled across your blog yesterday, and love it. Your so inspiring and funny. I really enjoy all the crafts you do and the organization stuff. Thanks.

  4. a. Header looks great! Different. I. Like. It.

    2. Yes the song is still in my head and will probably be for the rest of the day.

    III. SOOPA STARS!! ROTFLOL!!! That is the cutest picture-title ever! :) Thanks for post this am!

  5. See, and I thought everything's bigger in TX...but you've got some seriously BIG butterflies in the cute story.

    Suzanne (um, the other one!)

  6. Don't they make a cute couple! Too bad arranged marriages are out of style...

  7. Don't they make a cute couple! Too bad arranged marriages are out of style...

  8. I love summer photos! They keep this up and they will have a life long friend. If you can count at least one in life you are more than blessed.

  9. Wow, again, we are SOOO the same person. I have my best friend who moved away to Nova Scotia for her career (lame excuse if you ask me, we need Doctors in MB too!) and she comes back to see family every few months.

    We've been forbidding my daughter and her son(s) to date since day one, in hopes that they will rebel as teenagers and begin a "forbidden" romance and we'll tell them at their wedding that we did it all just so they'd get married. ha ha! So far Danica has her pick of three boys! But really we're doing it so that we can become family. heh. Shhh, don't tell! (BTW: our husbands think we're nuts. She's a psychatrist, and she says we're not, I'm going to believe her. heh.)

  10. What a CUTE post! Those huge butterflies are coming in quite handy aren't

    Ever since I told you I haven't been posting much I have tons of stuff to post....go figure!! Well, next time I get in a slump I'll just let you know I am having a hard time coming up with

  11. This is a great post. Love the pictures and the extra large insects.

  12. They are so cute together!

    That slide looks awesome! The huge butterflies are great too! My daughter always needs some strategicaly placed butterflies when she's in her swimsuit! Maybe it's the age....

  13. LOVE the 'boy-thats-a-friend' verbage! HA!
    Question, please. Sometimes I love the pics I take for my blog so much that I print them out, thinking I'll scrap them. Then when it's time to scrap them, I"m like "What was I thinking? Am I really gonna make a page about these(this) picture(s)? So my question is do you leave your blog pics as ONLY blog pics, or do you typically print them for your albums, too?? Thanks!

  14. Awesome post!

    Thank goodness for freakishly large birds and butterflies. What a scene it would be without them!


  15. Cute pictures! Fun that you have captured so many of the two of them together. I want to come play on that slide, it looks SO fun!

  16. Those pictures are darling!!!!

    (And I love your new title design!)

  17. Thanks for the little jingle, that was totally fun! And its so nice that the kids can still get together even if only once a year. They'll cherish those memories and their friendship their whole life from that! So I guess you'd better not ever move away, huh?

  18. this relationship is adorable!!! so sweet to see them through the years...