Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lucinda Gooseberry is Her Name, Sleeping is Her Game

So we finally named our little Kitten Britches. It took us awhile, but we've always felt we should get to know a creature before we saddle it for eternity with a rather unfortunate name.

I thought Lucy would be a super cute name, but we had to come up with a longer version that would be more of a mouthful.

Because we like to yell long, cumbersome names throughout the neighborhood when looking for our pets at curfew.

"Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Smith, here kitty, kitty. Time for be-e-e-e-e-ed!"

So, we decided that Lucy would expand out to Lucinda nicely. Then, since this cat sleeps all the time, and she lets Stinkerbell carry her around all day long, and she doesn't mind being swaddled and tucked and draped, we've decided that she's exceptionally laid back. As in loose as a goose.

Which, of course, translates to Lucy Goosey, which then expands out to Lucinda Gooseberry.

See, makes perfect sense.

And I am not responsible for this ridiculous tag. Seriously. Princess? Oh Geez. I'd like to think that this cat has loftier goals than finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after.

Set a goal for yourself and do something with your life, Sister Girl. Come on.

But Peanut Head took the girls to pick the collar and tag, so I can't say I'm surprised. He's such a Girly Man.

Well, not really. I made that up. But he does have a manny pack that I really hope will spontaneously self combust.

I do love the glittery pink collar though. We do like our glitter in this house.


  1. A manny pack?! Yikes, that's embarrassing! I have some matches, ya know, just in case the whole spontaneous combustion thing doesn't work out for ya. You just let me know, okay, I won't tell anyone. I swear!

  2. She is creepy. Cats scare me.

    The Girl says you should check this out... she gets my tag's here and loves them

  3. Cute name for an adorable cat. We are in serious consideration of getting another kitten. The people up the street from my parents have kittens that are just about old enough to take away from their mommy. We are already in love....I have a feeling one will be coming home with us soon. Am I crazy?? :) Part of me feels that our one cat is enough

  4. Very pretty cat with a great name.

    "Because we like to yell long, cumbersome names throughout the neighborhood when looking for our pets at curfew." You too?

    We have our current one fairly simple, Murphy Grace. Murphy because he reminds me of my black Irish relatives and Grace because he has none. He is also sort of a baby, so he answers to Murfina too.You have to do it in a really high pitched voice and draw it out Muuuurrrrphhhhinaaaaa!

  5. I LOVE her name!!! Your stories always crack me up!! It sounds like she is JUST the best kitten.

    I have been trying to work on my ragamuffin garland and Midnight is making it nearly impossible. She thinks all that cut up ribbon is her personal playground.♥

  6. I have had the hardest time coming up with a full name for my pup! When we got her, her name ulternated between Emma Precious and Emma Fur-ocious. (ferocious). lol She's not teething now so she doesn't chew us anymore. lol so I don't know!

  7. Love that name!

    Now we need a picture of the manny pack...

  8. As the proud owner of a "Scruffy", "Fiona" & a "Lola Belle", i (big puffy red) heart the name of your new kitty!

    (ours are cat, cat, dog btw, i'm not the crazy cat lady yet!)

  9. Your kitty is so precious and the name is great.

    Just so you know, I love your new header!

  10. My hubs is also a girly man. He's the girliest girly man who is actually manly. He builds, he BBQ's and he paints his daughter's toe nails. :-P

    I love your kitty's name. I did exactly the opposite, I picked out a cat name then got a cat to match. ha! But it turns out that fate was working with us because we named our cat Random and random she is.

    As always, I love your posts!

  11. Watch out with the name "Lucy". We had a cat named "Lucy" & in the end we realized that it was short for "Lucifer"...she was a VERY NAUGHTY kitty!! Erin

    PS...For all you ladies named Lucy or those of you who have children or friends named Lucy, please know that I actually do like that name!

  12. I seriously LAUGH OUT LOUD when I read your posts! This one was certainly no exception! You call your cats in at night? They come? My cats look at me over their shoulder before trotting off to a neighbor's yard. They know I'm not running after them in my nightgown. They come back. They know where their food is. ;)

  13. I love the name, I think it fits her beautifully! I wish we had a cat that would tolerate a kid holding her.