Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love You This Much

This morning as I sat combing Zoe's rat's nest of hair, I asked her, "Zoe, who do you love more than anyone else in this world? And don't say Jordan."

Jordan is her little friend from school and they loooooove each other. So much for my brainwashing therapy to convince her that all boys have cooties which are communicable merely by close proximity. Because cooties jump, and they jump far.

"You, Mom," she replied.

"What!" I exclaim. "You love me more than Daddy?! I thought you loved Daddy more."

Can you tell I'm trying to trip her up here? At this age, they're easily discombobulated.

"Well Mom, I have this little graph in my head, and yours has more love than Daddy's."

"Really? Explain."

"Well, every time Daddy is mean to me, I take a little tick away. And every time you are mean to me, I take a little tick away. Daddy's graph has more ticks away than yours, so I love you more."


I don't dare ask about Mattie Cake's graph though. It's probably off the chart.


  1. ack - I do not look forward to my future graphs! LOL

    p.s. my Zoe has crazy bed head too - I will need to get a pic of hers!

  2. Rock on! Way to go! Gotta love winning out against the dad. ;)

  3. Now this is a funny one, she actually came up with that answer herself? about graphs and all? hahahahahaha. Thats cute!

  4. Hahaha! Does she really have a graph in her head or was she just speaking your language?

  5. I love it! Especially the ticks for everytime you and daddy are mean to her! Lol that is too cute.

  6. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard. Now excuse me while I go find out if my bar chart is higher than my hubby's in my daughter's head!

  7. Smart girl that Zoe...

  8. She's wise beyond her're a lucky Mom and quite good at brainwashing :)

  9. LOL TOO FUNNY! Yep I think Aria would say the same thing...but maybe that is why she listens to Daddy more?

  10. Sounds like you might have a future mathematician or data analyst on your hands. That is just the cutest!

  11. Too cute!

    My boys love the dada the best. You should see their fallen faces when I am the first one they see in the morning. Ruins my day! LOL

  12. Awww!

    LOL It seems like you have them brain washed pretty good!