Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Daddy Man

In my lame defense, I really meant to do a Father's Day post yesterday, but dang it, I was tired. And I did haul my gnarly carcass out of bed before I was ready, just to make Peanut Head breakfast in bed. Assisted by the girls of course. Which, as I'm sure you know, actually made the whole process a lot more difficult.

When I'm tired, I have a real bad attitude. You might have noticed.

Anyway, even though my attitude needed some adjusting, I did manage to get Mr. Peanut some excellent Daddy Man gifts. That little ditty you see up above there? I put it on a t-shirt. Yeah. I know. Ooh-rah.

I put something else on a t-shirt too. Try to read the whole thing without your eyes rolling back in your head and knocking you out. I dare you.

Now you have just a small glimpse into my world and what I live with everyday. I can cite examples for every single one of the above examples, but I've taken enough of your time already, so I'll just comment on a couple.

We have rocks in our house. Everywhere. You. Look. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. But I allow them to stay because each of them has spent no less than five weeks of spinning in a rock tumbler 24-7, over and over and over and over, driving me out of my mind with the monotonous noise, threatening to cause my brain to implode and drip, drip, drip right down my spinal column. The only consolation being that they come out of that blasted machine looking oh so pretty. Shiny and smooth. I like to sit and just stroke them. While I'm waiting for the short bus to come and take me away to the asylum.

I actually did get to spend an entire, precious-as-it-can-only-be-for-a-teacher, Spring Break in Death Valley with Peanut Head. I have pictures.

And speaking of pictures, from our earliest dating days I have a few pictures of myself, taken by Peanut Head, in which I am only in the picture for scale.

So, Peanut Head got a couple t-shirts and he's going to wear them if I have to dress him in them myself. After all, they were made with love.

We also got Peanut Head a Dutch Oven and its accompanying paraphernalia. Now he can cook for us when he drags us camping. Score one for me. Ooh-rah.


  1. p.s. did you ever get a card in the mail?? hopefully it arrived safely! :)

  2. I didn't know you petted truly are amazing...:)


  3. Hey - I was on that vacation in Death Valley! I did manage to get him to let us stop at a hot spring for a night - at least we got to relax a little in between lectures. :) And I'm the keeper of the pictures of you where you're not being used for scale.

  4. Sounds like he had a GREAT Father's Day:-)

  5. Death Valley? You're kidding right? That's when I'd suggest separate vacations and go check myself into the Holiday Inn....

  6. quite interesting = )
    And funny. haha.

  7. lol he totally has to wear them they are great

  8. I love the shirts. NICE! I only got the hubs iPhone accessories. heh.