Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kitten Britches Meets Ginormicat

So, things have been a little hairy around here lately. We got a new kitty. We weren't supposed to get a new kitty, because Mr. Grouchy Pants Peanut Head wouldn't let us have a second cat after our last one bought the farm.

Well, Mr. Grouchy Pants went to Petsmart for dog food one day and he saw a little kitty that he thought was pretty dang cute and that maybe, just maybe he could relax his ridiculous rule for.

Except he didn't tell me about his little slip 'n slide of resolve.

Until the next day. When Petsmart had no kittens available for adoption because they do that on Saturdays, Bonehead. And the teenager that was working had no idea where that kitten came from and wouldn't even entertain a guess.

I walked out of that store trying very hard not to catch on fire.

I was not going to lose this window of opportunity though. I was going to find that cat if it killed Peanut Head. And it might. I called all the Humane Societies, put myself out there like Crazy Cat Lady, looking for this one, special little kitty. This one little kitty that was the only kitty for Mr. Grouchy Pants.

And I did not care how irrational and ridiculous I sounded because I was not letting Mr. Grouchy pants off the hook. We've waited a year and a half for him to relent and let us have a little friend for Jo Jo.

See? Doesn't she look lonely? Well, don't be fooled (like me) because she is now trying very hard not to catch on fire herself. I'll get to that though.

First, I have to tell you about the Great Kitten Hunt of 2009.

So, finally, finally I found the kitty. It turns out she was living in a foster home not a mile from our house. I picked the girlies up from school and we raced over there to get our kitten. We were going to take her home and do the victory dance all up in Mr. Grouchy Pants' face with her.

Well, Kitten Britches, which is not her real name, just an interim name until her personality reveals her true name, was at this foster home. With oh, maybe 100 other kittens. I could be wrong, but there were cats everywhere and they were all moving, so really, who could get an accurate count?

Really, the Foster Cat Lady was really very sweet. She just happens to like cats. A lot.

So, we located our kitten and I filled out the paperwork, but we couldn't take her home for at least a week because she had to have her final round of shots and get spayed as per Humane Society policy. I have no complaints about that. I'm all for spaying and neutering pets, and if the only way they can make sure it gets done is to delay adoption, then I'm all for that.

There are too many animals out there that will never have homes. It makes me sick thinking about it. I don't understand not spaying and neutering pets. It's irresponsible.

Anyway, we found the kitten so I was happy and no longer in danger of catching on fire. A week and a half went by and we got a call from the Foster Cat Lady. The kitten was still too small and she wanted to wait another week for her to get spayed. Okay, I was a little bummed, but it's better to be safe. There were a couple more delays in there because it turns out that Foster Cat Lady is super protective of her 101 kitties. I exercised my patience and finally, finally, we got our kitten on Sunday. Three weeks after Mr. Grouchy Pants had his vision.

Isn't she sweet?

Here comes Jo Jo. I can't wait. She's going to be so excited.

 "What the .  . . ? Oh, no, no, no, no, NO. YOU DID NOT. YOU DID NOT BRING ANOTHER FELINE INTO THIS HOUSE."

Oopsie. Maybe she didn't want a friend. My bad.

Jo Jo promptly left the premises and wouldn't come back until she was ready for her next meal. Fifteen minutes later. But she was ticked. She was ticked and we were not to pet her. Under no circumstances were we to even look at her. All feeding was to be done without eye contact.

What ev. She'll get over it.

Meanwhile, Kitten Britches is thinking about exploring her surroundings.

Still thinking.

Needed a little enticing.

"Oh Yeah. This Kitty Kingdom is awesome! I can live here."

"And this bed, it's not too hard, not too soft, it's juuuuuuuuust right. Smells a little like Fat Cat, but I can overlook that."


Stinkerbell is a bit of an animal freak. And she also likes to control things. I have no idea where she gets that from.

Luckily the kitty is very laid back and loves the love.

What the heck? Where did this picture come from?

I wish I was that flexible. Not that I would do that if I was.

Today I saw Jo Jo chillin' on the couch, so I set the kitty down next to her.


"What is that smell?" 

"Girlfriend, you need to spend some time on your grooming. Didn't yo Mama school you?"

"BACK. IT. UP. I don't want to be smellin' yo nasty Kitten Britches on my couch. Git!"

"That's better. I like my alone time."


  1. we just got a kitten too, two weeks ago. And let me say your big cat is WAY smaller than our big cat, and doesn't seem near as pissed off as ours.

  2. That was great my friend! LOL! :) Cracking up. The one picture that really makes me laugh is stinkerbell petting the kitty and her ears are flat. "Like could you pet a little lighter please?" HA! :)

    Way to give in there Peanut Head! I know how it feels. I have been there. Sadly yes.

  3. Wow, she IS flexible....and as for the kitty-we are not kitty folk but the new doggie is a mess, a total mess. I know about those razor sharp baby teeth, too; got marks on my forearms to prove it......I hope she gets along well with everyone at your house....even the Mister here loves on Lucie...who'd have thunk?


  4. Awww, sweet kitty, can I come over and play?? Both of your cats have such pretty coloring.

  5. I say you lock both kitties up in that Pet Taxi and see what happens...

  6. I love the dialouge between the cats:-) Very funny!

  7. We got a kitten for our cat when his brother passed on and it was much the same experience, except in Canada they let you take the kitten from the Humane Society, but they book the spay appointment right then, and apparently will send you a nasty letter if you don't go. Anyway..

    We had much the same experience with the kitten. the bigg'un (Ty) Did NOT like the little'un (Random). They would hiss and swat, then cuddle and groom each other. then hiss. sigh.

    They are all best friends now, but ti took a while. Congrats on the new addition!!!!

  8. I love your post...it's hilarious!

    Your new little kitty is so cute!

  9. 'put myself out there like Crazy Cat Lady'

    What do you mean 'like'?


  10. Congrats on the newest member of your family!

    Introducing new pets is always entertaining.....

  11. YAY you finally got her and she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE this post and it pretty much sums up what our Tangie did with Midnight. I really thought we were going to have a MAJOR problem with Tangie EVER liking (or at least tolerating) Midnight but it really went very smoothly. We too used a cage for a while so Tangie could sniff and prowl around Mid. Now they are fine, I wouldn't say buddies necessarily, but I do occasionally, catch them playing....lol

    I can't wait to see more posts about the new baby!

  12. Oh my word...the cat/kitten reading was so fun. Kitten britches is an adorable little kitty. Hallie will be so excited to see it. I'll have to not show her the post until we can set up a playdate because she will beg and beg to come over. I have to say I burst out loud at Zoe's toe picture. Wow...Yikes...Not sure what to say! :)

  13. I am not really fond of kittens (sorry). I think it's due to Abbey's allergies. Yours is so cute. I actually think I would be ok petting that one!

    Don't you just love finding pictures of your kids doing things like that? I have seen all three of mine sucking their toes. I still have no idea why.

  14. OH!MY!GOD! Woman, you KILL ME! I laugh and laugh and LAUGH reading your blog!! I LOVE IT!!! I espically loved THIS post, about the kitties becuase I am SO THERE. My first cat, Sunny, DID NOT LIKE when the kittens came!! I love this post. I'm gonna read it again. Oh, and the TOE PICTURE. . .SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! LMBO!!!

  15. Wow, your cats look like a matched pair! A friend of mine who had lots of cats told me her secret to introducing a new cat into the house was to rub the new cat with tuna fish juice. I've never tried it. My last three adopted wild cats are siblings. Yes, three at one shot! I plucked them out of the shrubbery.

  16. That is one adorable kitty!

    And Ewww, toes. I could NOT watch that without getting the creeps. JMO.

  17. That is too, too funny! I want another cat, too, but Simba wont have it. I've tried twice and he laid down the law. You'll have to keep us posted on the blossoming relationship in kittyville.

  18. Awww...the new kitten is all kinds of adorable. I can't wait til we move next spring and can get a kitten.

  19. I needed this little dose of cat life today. It makes me miss my kitties from growing up!

  20. awww pretty kitty. luv the toe in the mouth MY dd does that too.
    Stoppin n from the sits to say hello

  21. Oh, how did I miss this post?? I am laughing OUT LOUD and darn near choking (don'tcha know I'm allergic to fun ??, at least according to my husband!)

    Omg the toe sucking ew, lol but yes must be nice to be flexible like that. I loved how you snuck that picture in there lol.

  22. Thank you for my morning giggles! :)

    I hope your kitties start to get along. It took awhile for mine to even remotely like each other.

  23. I just found your blog through "My Mix of Six" (Shauna) and I am laughing SO hard right now. We LOVE cats and have learned they don't always love each other as well.... good times. And oh my, that picture of your daughter sucking her toe... My daughter, Zoe, does that all the time!! PRICELESS. Thanks for the laugh, I'll be back for more :)