Saturday, February 28, 2009

Workin' Out With the Girls

We had Janae's girls (well, 2 of the 9 anyway) over for a sleepover last night. It's been awhile since we had them over, and usually I'm not a big fan of the sleepover, but I have to admit that it went well last night. The little pretties decided to join me this morning during my Billy's Bootcamp workout.

Working out with them kinda made me feel a little better about my lack of spatial skills and clumsiness. They persevered longer than I expected though, and surprisingly no one got kicked in the head.

Notice they all still have bed head. Although, for a change, Zoe Bug's hair is in reasonably good condition. Not the norm, as you may remember.

When Billy started sweating they said "Ew, gross, he's sweating." That happens sometimes. Just wait until they develop sweat glands of their own.

At one point one of them turned around and took a look at me and said "Eeeeeeeew, Jill's sweating now. Look at her face!" I tend to turn beet red when I work out. Chalk it up to good circulation in my head, I guess. Just a little gift I got from my Dad.

When it was time for the Billy Bands I sent them all for jump ropes. They scattered like birds, they were so excited, and each of them came back with a jump rope.

Zoe Bug is such a lightweight, she didn't last long. She's my delicate flower.

I love this picture. Their heads are tilted and they're saying "What is he doing?" I say that a lot when I'm trying to follow a workout like this.

Have you ever watched a kid do jumping jacks? It's hilarious. They can't get their arms and legs in sync and they jump around clapping their hands. 

After Zoe gave up, she started playing around on that nasty chin-up bar, which by the way, I have not conquered yet. I'm working on it though. When the movement exceeds the microscopic stage, I'll get back to you.

Lacey May is the only one that stuck it out with me for the entire workout. Girlfriend's got stamina. Maybe I'll introduce her to Jillian Michaels next time.


  1. Wow, you're such power workout woman, that you have a go girl. And that sweat gene, I got it face and all. I understand. But it's good for your pores, no?


  2. They make exercising look fun!

  3. those are great pics. billy is no light weight; he kicks butt. go girls!

  4. Damn girlfriend! I kicked up a sweat just thinking about working out! Jeez, it is Saturday. Go back to bed like the rest of us, would ya?!?!

  5. Too cute! Jillian scares the you-know-what outta me! I think I need to get Emi one of her dvds, wear that gal out a bit, lol. :)

    Cheers, Kiy

  6. Looks like fun?? You are a dedicated woman working out on a Saturday! HOLY COW!

  7. I prefer to put in a workout video and then sit on the couch with a bag of popcorn. By the way, who was taking the pictures if you were working out? ;-)

  8. So like Kathy Lou said, who was taking the pictures while you and the girls were working out?????


  10. Oh girls . . . do you not trust me? Actually, I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone asked me that question. I had my camera sitting on the bookcase right next to me and I kept stopping and taking pictures. In spite of all the stopping, I was still a sweaty pig when I finished, I promise. :)

  11. Very cute post, but then I am very partial to little girls having raised three myself!

    I found you over at Suzanne's Southern Inspiration. I invite you to come by and see me too!


  12. So adorable, love your new spring header!!