Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine Giveaway Winners

Happy Hedge Hog Day everyone. That's what Zoe tells me today is. Okay, that's not how I remember it, but I'm okay with change.

So, I just finished the Valentines for my Valentine Giveaway and here they are:

Since I had some boys in the contest, I couldn't bring myself to plunk their pictures into my girlie valentines, so I decided to make another one for boys. Let me just say this, it is hard to find cute boy stuff. Why is that?

The first winner is Sparkette from Our Lil Kilowatts. Her kids are Anthony (above) and Alexis (below).

The second winner is The Crogan Family and her girls are Kelsee (above) and Haylee (below).

The third winner is Bunch of Bull-ers and her three kids follow. I'm loving the black and white pictures.

And the fourth winner is . . . What? There were supposed to be three winners? Oops. The fourth winner is Cindi from This is My Life and her daughter, Allison.

Now, if you are a winner, you're going to want to click on your Valentine to get the best resolution, then save it to your desktop. I highly recommend that you upload it to a Photo Center and have them printed. You'll get a much better print quality and they're relatively inexpensive. Then if you're going to attach pencils and/or lollipops like I did, I also recommend that you mat the valentine with cardstock first to make it sturdier.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me at and I will be happy to help you.

Thank you to everyone who entered and commented. I had fun with this little giveaway and I hope you did too.


  1. Thanks Jill! I LOVE it! I can't wait to show Allison when she wakes up in the morning! Now I'll have to send them to Sam's for printing!

    Thanks again@

  2. Thank you Jill! They turned out so cute! My girls were so excited when I showed them! The little guy was already sleeping. Though I know he is going to love the rocket!

    You ROCK too! hee hee.

  3. This was SOOOOO cute! I wish I wouldn't have slacked off and not got my name entered. Dang it!! But I sure hope you do more things like this. That is the funnest thing ever! Great job.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH JILL!! I am so excited this morning! :) The boy ones look great!! We will be making candy necklaces and attaching I will be posting a picture of the final outcome this weekend. Thanks again!

  5. Oh and I love the new header, it looks great!

  6. THANK YOU JILL!!! They turned out so cute - I can't wait to go pick them up - my girls are going to love them!!

  7. Well, OF COURSE, you are all so welcome. I had a lot of fun with this and it's even better that you did too!

  8. So cute! I love the boy ones, I think they are perfect!