Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Apron

I did some sewing last week. Smashley's birthday was Saturday and I wanted to make her an apron.

I tend to gravitate towards very bright colors, and Smashley prefers pastels, so I had to really focus when I was in the fabric store. I was walking around the store chanting "Smashley likes pastels" in order to keep my focus.

She tends to use pink and green the most, so I think I kept my focus, even though the pink is a rather bright pink.

She looks happy with it, doesn't she? Not to mention that she's dang cute in that apron. Work it Smash!

This is my favorite apron pattern because it's reversible. It's Mary Mulari's Church Ladies' Apron Pattern, if you're interested. I found it at my local Porter's Craft store, but you can also find it online here. It's relatively easy to make too.

Happy Birthday, Smashley!


  1. That is so cute!!!

    I wish my sewing machine and I got along better.

  2. very cute! scrapper, cook, sewer... what can't you do??

  3. OK Jill what can't you do?!?!? Now we find out you sew and make beautiful aprons!!! You scrapbook like a queen, you cook there ANYTHING you don't do well!!??!♥

  4. Oh, c'mon Y'all. You know I can't carry a tune to save my life, I'm a clutz, I have absolutely no fashion sense and I ate my willpower. Is that enough, or shall I go on?

  5. Yes, there's gotta be more you can confess!! :)
    Just joking! The apron is adorable...ok, what am I missing? Who is Smashley??? You're too young for her to be your daughter.....your sil? next door neighbor (on the other side of me, of course!;)?????


  6. That is just beautiful, Jill!

  7. Wait a minute! That is me you described! ME... I cannot carry a tune. I have no style. I am a huge clutz. And I dont even know WHAT willpower is to be able to eat it!!!

  8. OH I love that! I want one!!! If only I knew how to operate my sewing machine!!! I love aprons...