Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Dust When it's Just Going to Come Back Again?

We're in the middle of our Saturday chores and Zoe is complaining about having to dust my bedroom. She says to me, "Mom, if you don't start keeping your room clean, you are not going to get to play with your friends at your crop night next week."

I say to her, "So, does that mean I can play tonight, but next week I'm out of luck?"

"Yes!" she says.

Ten minutes later she comes to me and tells me that she is finished with dusting, at which point I quiz her about all the places she has dusted. I ask her "So if I come in your room and run my finger along your chair rail, I'm not going to find any dust, right?"


"Are you sure you don't want to double check that?"

"Uh, maybe I'll go check again."

So she goes back to check and I hear her grumbling about it. Then she yells "WHY do I keep dusting and it keeps coming back?!!!! Aaaaah."

That, my friends, is why I don't dust. It's pointless.


  1. Don't let your kids hear you say that or you'll never get them to dust again...

  2. That is why you have kids!! To dust for you:-)

  3. Ha HA...she is right!!! Why does that stupid dust always come back??????

  4. Ha, ha, ha...laughing over here. My kids aren't old enough to help yet but daddy is already telling them about the chores they are going to get to do...HIS. Uh...that's not how it was supposed to work. Loved the dusting thing though...can I use that over here????

  5. I never dust, just sprinkle some powdered sugar on the area you want dusted and let the dog lick it up! That's what DOGS are for!

  6. Oh yes, it is totally pointless.

    Those dust bugs, are the worst!

  7. I feel the same way about dusting. I hate to admit, I think you can actually write notes in the dust on some of my tables. I really need to address my house cleaning. Or, maybe not. ;)

    Cheers, thanks for the giggles!


  8. And that is exactly why you gave me the sign! It is still proudly displayed at my front door.

    My house was clean last week... sorry you missed it!