Friday, November 21, 2008

Butter is My Friend

You're probably wondering why the heck I'm posting about butter today.

Well, because I love it.

Butter, butter, butter. Butter is better.

No really, my friend and neighbor, Janet, asked me today what all these ads are that she sees on my blog. I've had several people ask me that question, so I'm sure there are probably more of you out there wondering the same thing.

So I'm going to attempt to satisfy your curiousity.

When I set up this blog, I opted to let AdSense place ads on my blog. AdSense searches my blog posts for content, and looks to place ads which pertain to my topic. In Blogger, you can find AdSense as a gadget in your template.

Butter, butter, butter.

I keep saying "butter" because I'm hoping that AdSense will search this post and put a big fat butter ad on my blog. This is a test. It's all in the name of science, so work with me here.

Last month when I did a post about my desk, I kept referring to my pending baskets as procrastination dumpsters and AdSense put ads for dumpsters on my blog. One ad read "Rent your own dumpster!" It was hilarious.

The real question is, if I keep posting all these high fat recipes and talking about how much I love butter, why does AdSense keep putting that "Find out how I lost 70 Pounds of Belly Fat!" ad on my blog? I think I can safely say that it's not going to happen with butter.

When I get a lot of people, or traffic, on my blog in one day, I can make one cent. If someone actually clicks on one of those ads, I can get a whopping fifteen cents or something like that. Most days, I don't even make one cent, but every once in awhile, I make ten cents. The first time I made ten cents, I was so excited that I ran to tell Peanut Head that all my hard work was paying off and we were ten cents richer. He laughed hysterically.

Let him laugh, that's more than I make working for the PTO. Heck, sometimes I'm paying to be working for the PTO. Well, in blood, sweat and tears, anyway.

Butter, get your butter here!

Recently Peanut Head commented that this blog is taking over my life.


Butter, butter, butter. Get your pat of butter!

The idea with placing ads on your blog is to get paid for your blogging, of course. Think of yourself as a journalist in cyberspace. If people like what you write and it's relevant to them, you'll increase your traffic and eventually your income from ads.

Anyway, butter. There are people that make a living blogging. It's true. The most I've ever made in a day is about a dollar, so clearly I am not one of those people.

Making a living blogging, from what I've read, is not easy. To be successful, you have to post every day. This in itself, is pretty difficult to do. Life has a way of getting in the way.

And you have to perservere. For a looooooong time. It doesn't happen overnight.

When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to give it my best attempt and see where I could go with it. Sure, I wanted people to read my blog, but I also had a million ideas swirling around in my head, and I wanted to purge them from my brain and have them available to myself and anyone else who might be interested.

With all these ideas, I knew that I could keep a blog going for at least a few months before I started to sound like a big fat wind bag.

It has been a pleasant surprise to me how much I enjoy the writing aspect of blogging though. And not to be gross or anything, but some days it's as easy as a big mental vomiting episode for me. It just hurls out and I don't even know where it's coming from.

These are my thoughts and feelings, of course, but somehow I'm able to express myself writing in a way that I've never been able to do verbally. To be honest, I suck at verbal discourse.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

I loath getting into arguments with Peanut Head because he can talk circles around me. He has the ability to keep his thoughts organized, and he never forgets what his point is. I'm easily distracted and then I become stunned and confused and I end up sounding like a blubbering idiot. When we argue, I end up incredibly frustrated and madder than a wet hen because I can't make him understand me.

With writing, it's different. I can go back and edit. I can cut and paste and I can take the time to choose the right word to express myself. Also, nobody interrupts me and distracts me with their own point of view.

Oh, I can't forget. Butter, butter, butter.

Sometimes I'm incredibly tempted to click on my own ads. Not to make money, because AdSense knows when it's me and I could get in big trouble for clicking on my own ads. The ad police will come after me or something like that.

But some of the ads make me curious. I want to know how exactly I can lose 70 pounds of belly fat. Well, actually I don't have 70 pounds of belly fat at the ready, but surely I could come up at least 40. I'd be willing to spare that in the name of science. I'm giving it to you, AdSense. Come and get it.

It's all butter fat.

So remember, if you leave a comment today, make sure you mention butter. It's an experiment.

This is one of my favorite posts because it wasn't really planned, but just sort of erupted out of me one day when I sat down to write about AdSense. It got a lot of positive response, and I had a lot of fun because of it over the following weeks. If you want to see others' favorite posts, visit Tip Junkie for more Talk to Me Tuesday favorite posts.


  1. Butter, butter, butter....I love butter too!! I'll make you 15 cents, where do I click???

  2. I love butter too. My mom says that when I was little, I would sneak to the frig and eat huge spoonfulls of butter. Isn't butter great! Butter is So tasty and butter is so useful too!

  3. You are cracking me up. Butter, butter, butter!

  4. Here it is - 3:30AM - and you know what I just did?

    I pulled a HOT FRESH loaf of bread out of the bread machine.

    And of course somebody had to eat the bread fresh and HOT with lots of nice melted butter!

    Especially with all this talk about butter. Hot fresh baked bread smothered in melted butter ... does it get better than that!

    Of course I had to blog about it too!

  5. Yummmy butter...butter on my toast butter on my pancakes...yum yum butter

  6. Butter, butter, butter:-) You are sooooooooo funny!!!

  7. Butter, why are we talking about butter? LOL! I enjoyed this post. Thanks Jill!

  8. Too funny....the ad it about professional pipe cleaning. I think if we eat all the butter, then we will definitely be needing to clean our OUR pipes. :)
    And I just read Rachel's comment about making bread at 3:30AM....what in the world...she is Martha Stewart of the blog world.

  9. I like butter! It is not exactly my friend! It sticks to all the places that I don't want it to! But for the sake of making some money for you, I'll say BUTTER IS GREAT. BUTTER on corn Butter on biscuits, butter on waffles, butter on pancakes, I could go on... but then I'd just get hungry and want some BUTTER popcorn!

  10. I *heart* butter.
    I usually just take a spatula and apply the BUTTER to my belly and thighs and ass.

    I really like Land O' Lakes butter. For buttery sure. Then, there is the fake-yogurty goodness that is Brummel & Brown.

    But butter is best.
    All that buttery goodness.

    I'm going to go eat me some butter.
    Yes. Straight off the stick.

    {no. not really. that would be gross.}


  11. This is one of your funniest posts yet! My hubby is a butter fan too, it's insane!

    Thanks for the giggles this morning.

    Butter, butter, butter!


  12. Well Jill, some people need a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning but all I need is your blog. You are hysterical and just the dose of funny I need in the morning. After a sleepless night worrying beyond measure about supposed to be frozen but refridgerated cookie dough melding together, missing chocolate chip cookies and other flavors, the fact that we should have double, triple checked every order before it left the building, whole grain cookies melted in a nasty lump, samonilla, (can't spell), custodians throwing away cold wrap, and every other fundraising nightmare I really needed your blog to put a smile on my face. Have a great day! And, oh yes, I LOVE BUTTER!!!

  13. I forgot, Thanks again for being a trouper last night. I knew but am reinforced in the fact that you and your husband are amazing people who will go out of your way to help others, not just for a little bit, but until the bitter end. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention, I LOVE BUTTER.

  14. You really made me laught today!

    We only have butter at our house. We go through pounds and pounds of butter. We have to buy the big blocks at Costco.

    Clicking on an ad today. Hope you make more than .15 today.

  15. your so funny. i love that it is a pipe cleaner as and something else not related to butter. But just so you no I love Margerine so hah so what if butter is supposed to be better for you. I love the marg.

  16. You buttered me up with this post. I think I'll come back for more next week.

  17. Hey Jill... Sucker Turkey I didn't make it I got it a craft fair many years of those craft fairs in a Nursing Home type...we love it..I think if you are handy with a drill and could be duplicated!

  18. Oh, I'm no Martha Stuart! My 11 year old daughter wanted bread and butter for breakfast and usually asks me to start the machine - she's been watching and buttering me up about doing it herself. So she did - but the bread was due to come out at 3:30AM! LOL Somebody either had to stay up or get up.

    So she buttered me up and I did it. It was SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!

  19. Your post cracked me up. I have to admit, I'm visiting for the first time from Susie's Homemade blog, and the reason I clicked over here is I saw the "butter is my friend" title on the side of her blog. Well, butter is MY friend, TOO! I just had to come visit a kindred spirit. And it's completely because of butter that I am here. Butter butter butter. If you come visit me, you'll see a garlic-cheese roll recipe I posted not long ago, and it's all about the buttery flavor. Butter butter butter. Please let us know how your experiment turns out. I'd love to see big blobs of butter ads on your blog on my next visit here.


  20. Butter, Butter, Butter! Oh my, I am still laughing! I just stumbled upon your blog and now I am going to bookmark it for sure.
    Thanks for the lighthearted fun. I love your candid writing and oh my how I can relate to you! I can't put much together in the way of words that make sense after about 7pm. Hopefully you are better at that than I am. But I have two kids, and I think I can safely blame it on them! Keep up the good work, I'll be checking back often!

  21. Well, I have to tell you that I love butter. My mother grew up on a ranch and grew up on butter, so we always had it in our house no matter how financially fit or unfit we were! lol. My cousin on my dad's side tells how mom put butter on her peanut butter sandwich for the very first time and how she loved that!!! She had probably not had butter in her life! lol. Maybe mom was trying to butter her up. So needless to say, I prefer butter over the other also.

    My daughter had ad sense on her blog also so when I see blogs with them I try to click on several ads. She made $30 in a month. I figure every little bit helps! And it just might butter up some of my favorite blogs!

    So here is to the butter in all this world!

  22. HA! HA! HA! I love all this talk about butter. So, by the way... that night that I stayed up cleaning all night, well, I never went to bed. So after a 5 hour road trip you can imagine what I was doing during the next 4 hours of lectures..... I truly needed toothpicks for my eyelids. It was NOT good! Anyway, I will click on your ads too! Soon you'll be making millions!