Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Card Caddies

I was feeling crafty today, and I've been putting this little project off for a few months, so it was the perfect fix for me.

I was short on time, so this was a fairly manageable task. Making the cards to go inside will be much more time consuming.

This first one is a gift.

This one, I'm keeping for myself. 

I learned that Modge Podge does not stick to painted tin. I had to pull out my Creative Memories Photo Tape to get the paper to stick to it.

I always use the Photo Tape for nailing my ribbon down as well. I used glue dots for the flowers and buttons.

The absolute hardest part was getting the paper cut out for the lid. That took forever, but once I got one done, I used it as a template for the second. As a result, the first one is a little worse for the wear.

And my ribbon is a little crooked.

That's okay, imperfect works.


  1. It sure does work!! Those are gorgeous!! I love your crafts!!

  2. How cute is that!!! Of course, I'm sure you weren't covered in glue after you were done, like some of us would be....
    (BTW, stop by my new review blog at to see why I didn't need to bother with reading the instructions for my new gadget.)

  3. Love the one with brown in it....I guess that one's yours! Love it!
    thanks for coming by my blog!

  4. Oh they are just neat, neat, neat!

  5. Hi Jill,

    Those are absolutely the CUTEST! You are definitely the crafty DIVA!!! By the way, did the tooth fairy finally find the tooth???hehehe

  6. Those are just so adorable! Very cute idea and I may have to snag that for some Christmas presents I have been wondering what in the heck to get them. :)

  7. I love the card holder!! I have a tin I want to do that to.

    Yes, JackJack is named after the Incredibles baby!! hee hee hee!!! I love that! I love how you said that the last bread got tired of standing up! It was the one that wasn't in the WILTON pan. ;)

    I love your blog! I love to read what you write. It makes me laugh!!

  8. Those are gorgeous!! I wish I had the time to do more crafty stuff!

  9. You're so frickin' crafty you make me want to vomit....but then you would probably just tie a cute, little polka-dot ribbon around my vomit and find something fascinating to do with it!! haha


  10. Jill, these are so adorable and I saw the white metal boxes down at Michael's today but decided to use a photo box instead. Now I need to sit down and sort all my greeting cards out to see what I have. I hate it when I have to match some stray cards to stray envelopes. Maybe later, I'll tackle that project..