Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Finished My Back to School Shopping!

Remember this little check list? The one I shared with you back in August?

Well I got a late start on mine. To be honest, I procrastinated putting summer clothes away, so I just couldn't get into assessing the school clothes situation until all that stuff was tucked away all tidy like.

As you can see on my list, I didn't even fill it out until October 25th. I did, however, start my shopping in early September so I didn't send my kids to school in shorts for the first snow of the year.

How responsible of me.

So I've been carrying this list around in my purse for the past few weeks, knowing I still had gloves and socks to buy.

At some point. Like tonight it turns out.

Tonight Peanut Head and I went on a date. Now "date" to us doesn't equate to a romantic evening or anything silly and frivolous like that.

To illustrate, last night when I told him that I had arranged a babysitter and we were going on a date he said "Yay! Mommy and I are going to get a hotel room and SLEEP!" He's so funny.

Ha. Ha.

I told him we would be doing no such thing. He could sleep at home. We were going to dinner where we could eat from start to finish without having to cut anyone else's food and we didn't even have to talk if we didn't want to. We could have peace. And quiet.

And we did. And it was very nice.

After dinner, we thought about going to the movies, but who wants to see 007? Blech. Not me.

Seriously, our fantasy date, what we usually do after going out to dinner without kids, is go to Barnes & Noble. Just the thought of it calms me. At Barnes & Noble, we have no worries. We can browse, slowly, without worrying about where the kids are or what they are doing.

Also, we can complete all our thoughts. That is such a luxury. To be able to complete a thought and to complete a task, from beginning to end. Ah, I miss those days.

Do you like this cute little sweater I bought for Thing 1? 

She didn't need it at all. Sometimes those are the best purchases.

I saw it and immediately I wanted it. I just think it would look so cute on her right now because she is in one of those gangly phases, which means she looks like a giraffe.

And everyone knows that three quarter length sleeves look best on giraffes.

Even better to have three quarter length sleeves with ruffles.

This is why, as Leslie at Stethoscopes and Stilettos has pointed out, I appear to have ADD. It's because I've forgotten how to get from point A to point B.

By now you've probably figured out that we didn't go to Barnes & Noble, and again, I'm wondering how I got here.

Instead we went to Target which is one of my favorite places. And my point, where I intended to get with this post, is that we shopped this evening, and I have now retired my Back to School Clothes shopping list for this year.


I understand if you aren't as excited as I am.


  1. My other half and I celebrated our year anniversary last weekend. We went to our quiet dinner and did the same Amazing what you get done when you aren't pulling kids out of racks! (BOYS!)

  2. Sounds about as exciting as my "date" last night. My husband sat in my office reading while I tried to figure out the maze that is DisneyWorld dining...

  3. Those are exactly the kind of dates we have. Sounds relaxing.

  4. That is a cute sweater!! I am going to have to go to Target:-)

    I am excited for you:-) I know that feeling of accomplishment I get when I can finally retire that long list. Good for you:-)

  5. OMG!!! We are like two peas in a pod!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Barnes and Noble with my husband!! And I love target!! Best when no kids are with. Ahhhh. . .happiness.

  6. 1. Yeah! I'm so happy you got a night to yourselves, good for you!

    2. I LOVE Target too!

    3. Yes, if you didn't already know it, I'm diagnosing you now.... you have blog ADD!!! It's the worst kind to have, you know! It's easy to cure, just have a cocktail right before blogging. It works everytime, I know these things, I am a nurse you know.