Friday, November 14, 2008


Here's another layout to add to my 2008 family album. This one is from our trip to California over the summer. There will be many more from that trip, but I was only able to get one done tonight while watching Grey's Anatomy and ER. I was a little distracted.

That Izzie character makes me grouchy. She's such a ditz. She seriously could not be a doctor. Ever. She's also craaaaaaazy.

See, I'm distracted again.

Back to my topic . . . this layout is about the girls' Uncle Gene, not to be confused with Uncle Pickle. Uncle Gene gives the girls horse rides when we visit.

Uncle Pickle plays with them too, but he doesn't give horse rides, so Uncle Gene has an elevated status as far as the girls are concerned.

The funny thing is that Uncle Gene is a chiropractor and you know this can't be good for his back.

Speaking of chiropractors, I love my chiropractor. Not love, love. Hate love. I call him the Evil Genius.

Because I need his adjustment, but I hate his adjustment. I can't relax because I keep waiting for him to snap me in half.

He earned his nickname because he's so sneaky and fast. He has to be because just walking into his office makes me tense. He tells me to take a deep breath and then he whomps down on my back and knocks the wind out of me.

I should be grateful because he's just doing his job and he's very good at it. The problem is that I think he really enjoys it.

Anyway, how'd I end up here? My point is that we think Uncle Gene is great and the girls will always remember him for his horse rides.


  1. That is so great that he is able to still give them horse rides...what fun!!! The top left picture is just hilarious!

  2. What a great memory to capture! I love this layout!!

  3. Hmmm, so when a chiropractor needs and adjustment who do they go to? ;)

    Love the horsey rides!

  4. Hey, you never know who you might meet in blogland! Too bad I can't say I 'talk' with someone who has a famous MIL!

    I LOVE reading your blog! You should be publishing this stuff and making money!!!


  5. Poor Uncle Gene! He's going to regret all those pony rides in about 20 years!!

    Stay focused ADD, stay focused! Take your medicine...

    p.s. You've got everyone thinking your MIL is really the Barefoot Contessa! Now what would my MIL, Bette Midler, say about that??

  6. Kelly,
    Dr. Gene actually has his own chiropractor. I think they adjust each other.

    You're hilarious. If I ever write a book I'm going to make you buy it because you said that. Full price.

    My kids are responsible for my ADD symptoms. When they grow up, can I get my brain cells back or are they gone forever?