Saturday, June 30, 2012

This and That, Yackity Yack

The pictures in this post are of a few of the printables that I have just put in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Since my girls spent the week at Girl Scouts Horse Camp, I had some time to work on the computer doing things that require concentration minus the yackity yack of my kids talking at me. 

Sadly, I had only two days of Nirvana because the first part of the week was spent in Boise at a math assessment conference. Consortium, whatever. What the heck is a consortium? I tell you what, in this case, it was a big fat waste of time. No lie. It was torture.

Especially since I could have spent that time Alone in My House.

Anyway, one of the things I did was to finally set up a Facebook page for this here blog. I've had people e-mail me on countless occasions asking for my Facebook page to like, and I have been completely clueless as to how to go about doing that, for years

Well, I spent a little quality time with Google this week, and I got it done. Whoo hoo! I even figured out how to put a widget on my side bar over there so you can "Like" me without even leaving this page. If you want to, that is. No pressure or anything. I know some people just don't do Facebook. Peanut Head.

Likewise, as soon as Facebook comes up with the much needed "Loathe" button, you can pick that one too.

So I have the Facebook page now, and I promise not to bore you with what I'm planning to eat for dinner, or how good my dinner was, or when I'm experiencing gastrointestinal distress, or even to pop in just to say "Life is so . . . hard . . ." and then leave you hanging.


Sometimes I read my Facebook feed and I read the posts of the people who share waaaaaay too much information, waaaaay too often, and I just want to leave a little comment that says "NOBODY CARES." all yelling like that and everything.

Seriously, I'm really one to talk with my ADD conversations with myself on the Internet, but I do try to censor some of my thoughts and not let them ooze all over my Facebook page, thereby causing people to roll their eyes so far back in their heads that they knock themselves unconscious.

It's very inconvenient.

I'm mean like that, but I never actually do it because I don't want to be responsible for ruining someone's day. I do think it though. Meanie that I am.

So, as I was saying back before I went off on a Facebook tangent, I also set up a Teachers Pay Teachers store for myself. If you are unfamiliar, TPT is a website where teachers can post their printables and lessons to share with each other. Some things are free and some cost a teensy tinsy little bit.

I had never considered doing that until last week when I posted over at The Teachers' Lounge and stuck my foot in my mouth telling people they could e-mail me if they wanted my lesson planning and grade book templates. Stooooooopid.

I was completely overwhelmed with e-mails and it was tedious to respond to all of them to send the templates. After about 50 e-mails, because I'm a slow learner like that, I said "This ain't workin' for me," and I then I figured out that "Hey! I can just upload them to TPT and let people download them themselves." Doy. 

So, I have a bunch of stuff over there now, and most of it is free, so you can go and download it there if you want it. So far I have all my Welcome Back to School bookmarks posted, my School Supply and School Clothes Shopping checklists, my blank grade book, and my lesson planning template. The only thing so far that I have to sell, is my 7th Grade Math Common Core Standards checklist. And that's $1.50 so it's not even going to break the bank if you want it.

So that's my news. How's it going in your world?


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful printables.

  2. A consortium that wastes at-home is even worse than on that ruins a planning day! Ugh.
    Love your printables; I have them pinned for when I think about school again. Which isn't now. ;)

  3. Didn't get a week without kids here. My daughter had a bad camp experience last year and has sworn that she will never go to camp she will, instead, stay home with me...all summer. Goody.

  4. I hate wasted in-service time.

    I want you to know that I don't normally like pages on Facebook just because it's one more thing to keep track of... but your whole dialogue convinced me and cracked me up so I'm there!

    Thanks for making me laugh and having such a great blog!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  5. Lol I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that sometimes on Face Book! Why does everyone need to know that they are going to make supper, now they are eating supper and now they are going for a bath!!! Love your printables and the fact that you all share them with eachother, makes me want to bed a teacher so I could use them! :)