Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mean Streak

The girls and I played a little Father's Day trick on Peanut Head this morning. It was awesome.

He's been lamenting how badly he wants an iPad for months, and I've been pooh-poohing his requests for months. It's been a boon to my self-esteem because it makes me feel powerful.

And then I got to thinking, Wouldn't it be fun to make his dreams come true on Father's Day, but torture him a bit first? Yes, yes, of course it would. I love torture. 

I went to my stash of feminine hygiene products and found this most excellent example of a Granny Pad. I had to have received this as a free sample because even though I'm not a Delicate Flower, I don't have any Granny Panties big enough to accommodate this puppy.

You aren't even getting the whole picture here. We had to fold one end of this pad over to even get it in the box. Honestly, this must be the Harley-Davidson edition because surely it could encapsulate the entire seat of a Harley, don't you think?

We removed the iPad from the box and Stinkerbell got to work with the art work. Then we gingerly placed the Ginormous Granny Eye-Pad in the box, thinking that Peanut Head will think this is the box that my iPad came in many months ago.

I'm happy to report that he laughed when he opened the box, and none of his family unit was hurt in the playing of this trick.

And we immediately gave him his real present when he demonstrated his ability to be a good sport.

Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas, Peanut Head!


  1. that. is. awesome.
    we got a good laugh out of this!

  2. leave it to you to actually do that.

  3. So funny! I made slippers out of pads one year for my brother's Christmas present. It was epic. I'll have to share the details one of these days!

  4. LOL ~ that is too funny, Jill! I never even knew those huge pads existed until a couple of weeks ago. My daughter was over and asked her hubby to pick up some Overnight pads on his way home. Later, she texted me a picture of what he brought home. Yup, a package of these babies! She said it was as long as her forearm! Glad Peanut Head was a good sport about your little joke.

    I'll email you later about the chalk paint question you had. : ) It was too early to try and form words when I read it!

  5. I just about died laughing when I read this post!! Absolutely hilarious!

  6. Lol Harley-Davidson edition, that totally tickled my funny bone :)