Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Wreath

I finally tackled a crafty project that has been on my list for several years. Every year I take down my Christmas wreath and I have nothing to put up in its place. Well this year when I took down my wreath, I looked at my bare door and vowed that I wasn't going to go through another winter without a wreath on my door.

Again, my enormous problems.

I don't know why I put this off for so long because I've known all along what I wanted my winter wreath to look like, and I was able to bust this out in fifteen minutes last night.

Fifteen minutes. Yeah, and it's been taking up valuable space in my brain for all that time. Crazy.

I started with a bleak and barren, prickly stick-twig wreath that I picked up at Jo Ann's. Then I cut apart a pine cone Christmas garland that I've never been able to figure out how to drape right because it was so sharp and prickly, it may as well have been a garland made of knives.

I used lots of hot glue, and I only burned myself once. The best part is that I didn't glue the wreath to the table this time. Yay!

Look closely at those little red berries though, because they are evil. I would only ever put these on a winter wreath because I had a bad experience with them once. They are made of a squishy foam-like material that melts when it gets hot. In the summer and fall when the sun is beating down on our door, it gets dang hot. I once had a beautiful wreath made of purple berries that melted right off its wreath hanger and onto my door. It left a snail trail of snot running down my front door that had to be scraped off, and the door had to be repainted, it was so nasty.

So beware of the snot berries on wreaths.


  1. Those berries are EVIL in our house also-only because two years ago a had several sprays of them and was gone for a couple days for Christmas. I returned home to bare twigs and discovered my Fur baby had eaten them clean!
    A vet visit and several frantic days later-I HATE them in the house.
    Your wreath is beautiful and the pop of red is perfect.

  2. Love this wreath! Thanks for the warning on the berries!!

  3. What a beautiful wreath. I had a plan for Valentine's Day, but if I can't make that happen, I'm going to copy this one. Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning about the "snot berries". I know exactly what you mean, but thankfully I have not had the learn the lesson as you did.

  4. it turned out so cute and I love how you said the thought of it was taking valuable space in your brain... oh, so true... I need to remember that and just get some things DONE and get them out of my head!

  5. Niiiice! I had something with those berries and kept finding them all over the house - dang cats thought they were toys!! Had to get rid of them quick before they ate them.

    Also- Have you used the Michael's app? I did today for the first time. It was all awkward with the cashier helping me choose my store but then -poof!- 40% off. Two others in line were in awe and hastily fumbling to download the app. I feel so hip now!!

  6. LOL--Snot berries! Oh you do have a way with words. I will forever call them snot berries now when I see them.

    Beautiful wreath!