Monday, January 23, 2012

Magnetic Menu Plan Magnet Storage

I know I'm beating a dead horse here with this topic, but I promise this is going to be the last time.

I think.

It's just that sometimes things need to be tweaked when they aren't just perfect. And the magnetic menu plan, perfect as I thought it was at first, is not perfect.


The problem for me was all the extra menu choices. Having all of them on the fridge was making me twitchy because it was too cluttered.

That, and I like to menu plan sitting down, not standing at my fridge. Again with the enormous problems that must be solved.

Thankfully this one was an easy problem to solve. Check it out.
Baseball card protectors. 

I know. Doy. You can find these at Wal Mart with the Pokemon cards. Or whatever it is that kids are trading these days. I'm so out of touch, I really couldn't say.

As a general rule I'm always at least a decade behind the current trends. The beauty is that most of the time I don't know what it is that I'm behind on.

What? What's wrong with my perm? People don't wear perms anymore?

What? What's wrong with my Ray Bans? What do you mean I have bug eyes?

What? What's wrong with my tiny spectacles? People are wearing frisbees for sunglasses now? No way!

What are mom jeans? What about them makes them mom jeans?

Seriously, I could go on and on here. It's so sad.

Anyway, I don't know how I got here really, but back to the enormous problem that must be solved.

Baseball card protectors. They're way cheap. Get some, cut some cardstock for the pockets, slide your menu magnets in, and you're in business. You don't have to put cardstock in the pockets, but I found that it makes the menu magnets easier to view.

I put all my beef menu items on one page, chicken on another, pasta, and so on. Now it's even easier to menu plan, and I can sit at the kitchen table and deal out menu combos. Then when I have what I want, I get up off my bum and stick them on the fridge. Voila!


  1. You are so creatively organized it makes my head spin! LOVE your blog!

  2. HEY don't diss the Ray-Ban's. Aviators never go out of style. Just tell people your pilot friend said it was OK for you to wear them ;)

  3. You almost make me want to go back to "big" cooking.. I am on my way to being an empty nester... we just don't eat "meals" more than twice a week... but great ideas!

  4. I really just want you to make the entire thing for me, post it up on and then I can just buy it all. I love it but no time to sit and make it. Sell them, and they will come :) Really, I want it...

  5. I just want to say - I think you are brilliant! Thanks for all these awesome ideas!!!

  6. So, then do you have the actual recipes in the binder, as well?

  7. And do you have the actual recipes in the binder, as well?

  8. You are amazing! I love all of your ideas! I am organized, but your ideas make this task fun!