Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine Banner

This is very likely the very last banner I will ever make. On account of the eyelets have all gone. 

I can't say I'm super disappointed because the banners don't go together all that quickly. I started this one over a year ago.

I'm using a new list app though and I have to say that I've been cranking through my "To Do" list like a madwoman. And yes, I am a madwoman, but I'm speaking relatively here.

Never mind that there are still 125 things on my list, and I keep adding new ones.

I know you want to know what my app is, right? I'll get back to the banner in a minute. The new app that I absolutely love is called Toodledo. Mattie Cake hooked me up with it, and it runs on Apple devices, Droids, and even the Crackberry.

I like it because I have the ability to categorize my tasks in multiple ways and the app prioritizes them for me based on the due date I input, the priority level, and whether or not I star it.

The part that has been super convenient for me is the ability to have things recur as a To Do item based on completion date, due date, or just a specific day or date. It's incredibly versatile. I've only just begun to scratch the surface of what this app can do.

Anyway, I seriously love it and I credit it for lighting a fire under my bum thereby forcing me to get things done this year.

Yesterday I even scraped all the old caulk from around my windows and re-caulked them, just so I could check it off my list. 

Well that and it was way overdue. We had some serious drafts whistling through our house.

But my point is that it was on my list for at least two years before I got around to it. The app made me do it.

Back to the banner. Even though it took me over a year to get this done, you know I made two so I could give one away to one of my lucky Peeps, right?

So here's what I want you to do if you want to win this. I want you to leave a comment telling me three things that have been on your list for an embarrassingly long time, and what motivates you to get things on your list done. I can't wait to read your comments. Good luck!

Oh yeah, you have until 3:00 p.m. Friday, Siberia time. Whatever that is.


  1. Hmmm, I still need to learn how to knit, I want to learn how to use my camera to the fullest and I vow to make more Pinterest recipes! Would LOVE to win this banner as they are on my to do list also! :)

  2. I'm going to have to check that app out. I need a fire under my bum, but in addition to that I also need a dog not to interrupt when I'm on the ball, and my body to cooperate all during available time. :) lol

    as for 3 things on my list... let's see... 1) Get my bills organized 2) get my recipes organized - again 3) and get my house in order.

    (no need to include me in the giveaway, but I wanted to respond to your post! :) )

  3. I have never put eyelets on my banners :) no need! they arent outside in the wind, and they dont have to last forever and ever... so just punch some holes! :)

  4. Three things that have been on my list are:
    1. cleaning the garage (ugh!) 2. sorting out my closet and taking clothes to goodwill
    3. cleaning out all the paper I don't need to save in my file cabinets. No wonder these things have been on my to do list so long! Who would want to do any of that?

    Seeing all the perfect rooms and organized closets on Pinterest really motivates me to get things done!

    Thanks so much for the recommendation for Toodledo. I just got the app today and have it set up. It didn't take long and I'm really excited to use it!


  5. Well, we've only been in our new place 3 1/2 months, Jill, so I don't have much to choose from! I will say better file organization for our bills and papers; setting up as many of our bills to pay online as possible; and actually making all the items for my Etsy that I've bought supplies for.

  6. oh, I have lists on top of lists! I'm super lazy when it comes to checking those things off, but I get motivated when I can pawn my kids off on someone... which is why my stuff never gets done!!!
    1. organize all their past school projects, pictures, blah, blah!! (this one has been on my list for about 4 years... its still hiding under my work desk, downstairs.
    2. Organize my closet and get rid of those leather pants that I swear I'm gonna squeeze myself back into one year!
    3. Organize the bathroom vanity and get little storage bins for all the crap laying around in there. But, let's face it. WHO wants to sit on the bathroom floor to do that. yuck.


  7. We're raising our 9-yr-old grandson, and I've been telling myself and anyone else that will listen that I'm going to organize his school papers into this wonderful system I saw online - hasn't happened yet; also, I need to organize my recipes and I need to clean my garage, with the grandson's help :o)

  8. 3 things that I have been wanting to do for a very long time are...
    1. Get my living room walls decorated.

    2. Get my kitchen cabinets organized better.

    3. Get the way too much stuff that I've accumulated packed up and given to Goodwill or some other person that would want it.

  9. I am so easily distracted. side tracked with the desire with enough insanity to attempt to do it all. My list, I have been hardly attempting for over a year.
    1. Organize all my files on my computer, so I can easily back up my data.
    2. digi scrapbook the last baby's book.
    3. Donate the dusty college textbooks we still have.
    i love your ideas.

  10. Out of eyelets forever!!?? That's a sin!! You know you can order a gazillion at Oriental Trading don't you? Last time I checked it was 3600 for $25...

    I'm afraid to look at that Toodledo App...

    3 things that have been on my To Do List:

    1. Clean my Desk
    2. Organize my scrapbooking room
    3. Re-organize the Jam Room (aka the room we jam everything in when someone comes over)

  11. The three things on my To-Do list are
    1) Clean out the many bins of kids "stuff" my youngest is now 24:o
    2)Organize many boxes of kids pictures..still waiting to start scrapbooking
    3)Plan a nice vacation!

  12. If the app comes with someone to constantly sit with my while I do these boring tasks I may get them done :0) I will check it out for my iphone.
    My 3 at the top are:
    -Clean garage and organize stamping supplies
    -Finish organizing memorabilia and photos along with my scrapbooking supplies to begin "project memory preservation 2012" :0)
    -organize recipes in binders ( no more loose papers everywhere)

    I love the banner, BTW!!

  13. Hi Jill! I've been reading your blog for several months and have really been inspired to get some of my things done...FINALLY! Just last week I crossed "reorganize the recipe box" off the list with the help of your earlier blog posts! Maybe YOU are the fire under my bum... hahah.

    Three things I still need to get crossed off: 1) organize all the loose papers, cds, and computer items that never found a home when we got a new desk in the office. 2) varnish all the windows in the house. 3) Make the scrapbook for baby's first year. - He's only 15months old now, so I'm feeling like it's not that late. However, I have been working on it for over 7 months now! and 4) (b/c I'm an over acheiver) find or make some "grown up" decorations for the house for all the holidays. It looks so boring and bare all the time.

    Keep the great ideas coming!

  14. The top 3 on my to do list are:

    Organize all the paper that comes into the house - this includes creating a system so it doesn't all end up on the kitchen island or counter!

    Clean up and organize the crafty stuff. I don't have a ton of this kind of stuff; but it is in so many different places that it seems like a lot. It goes without saying that I can't find the things I need when I need them.

    Organize my recipes - I have started on this one. After discovering your blog I started digitally scrapbooking my recipes which is by far the system that works best for me. I still have this on my list because I am not finished and currently I am still working on finding the perfect container that I want to use as their permanent storage place.

  15. I can't wait to try that app! 1. Bills organized 2.laundry schedule 3. Boys closet and rooms cleaned and organized I am motivated by blogs!!

  16. I can't wait to try that app! 1. Bills organized 2.laundry schedule 3. Boys closet and rooms cleaned and organized I am motivated by blogs!!

  17. I love your blog! Three things on my to do list are... clean my craft room ( more like a storage area now!), get rid of my "skinny clothes" ( please.. I'll never be a size 8 again.. I was a size 8 for about 5 minutes by the way) and organize my recipes ( maybe I would cook more!) What will motivate me to get things done is to have a party. Nothing like people over your house to get things done. I would love to win that banner for my classroom!

  18. Love your blog, you are SO entertaining. Would love to win. . . it's my only shot at decorating for V-day. The only thing that motivates me to actually DO the things on my never ending to do list would have to be my Husband. Every once in a while he'll hint at the stacks of papers that have become the "to do lists" and I'll pick them up, dust them off, and cross off things that I've managed to do (yeah) - that or they've literally expired!! Only 3 things?! Okay for starters 1)Take all the 2010 calendars down . . .seriously 2)Dig out the 7 or 8 things that have fallen behind the dresser. I think I really need a few of them 3)Organize the DVD's. We have NO cases, just piles and piles and piles :) Have a great day!

  19. Three things that never seem to get off my to do list are:
    1. Paint/decorate my master bedroom.
    2. Organize the storage room.
    3. Putting together a Vital Records binder in case of an emergency.
    I need to look into the app. as I just got a new tablet for Christmas and I am sure the app. would do wonders in helping me be motivated ad my motivation comes from marking things off lists.


  20. Ummmmmmm, pick 3? I have so many!

    1. Baby books. Do something. Anything with child #2's.

    2. Organize dance memorabilia for girls.

    3. Organize school memorabilia. :(

    Depressing to even think about all that. But I do love your banner!

  21. last week i did three things that have been on my list for a long time 1 - recaulking tub and shower, 2 - putting the toe rail back in the hallway and 3 - putting the graqndfather clock back together. All of these things have been on my list since Feb or March of last year, since we bought/moved into our house. It feels so good to have them done. Now if I can just get the clock to WORK (the pendulum won't keep swinging!) So... next things to tackle on the list? 1 - hanging up art in guest room and office 2 - the basement (it's scary messy down there!) 3 - putting some sort of saying with vinyl on the basement door (I'm thinking of making my own, inspired by you, of course, but can't decide what I want it to say!)

  22. rarely comment...but LOVE your blog. You are a fantastically witty writer! My 3 things I have procrastinated 4EVER are
    1. retouching the ceiling after we did a terrible job painting.
    2. cleaning the master closet.
    3. going through the kids drawers...there are still shorts in there! and it's January :)

  23. Only 3 things? :) My list is LONG, but the three things I really need to tackle are:

    1. Organizing my recipes.
    2. Finish painting the playroom.
    3. Updating the checkbook.

    I guess what's motivating me to do some of it is I need to know how much money I have in the checkbook to finish up the playroom. :) As far as the recipes go, no motivation as I'm not a HUGE fan of cooking. But maybe if I had a cute, organized recipe book/binder, I would be.

    LOVE your Valentine's Day banner. Valentine's Day is my FAVORITE!!!

  24. I love reading your posts. You make me feel normal, so thank you! 3 things on my list:
    1. Dejunk kids' closets (especially that stupid top shelf where clothes that don't fit anymore, or things that don't have a home go)
    2. Wash Front Room Curtains (They are white and they somehow got a fairly large dirt smudge on them)
    3. Visit the Gynecologist. Been waaaaaay too long.

    I don't have any motivation. I need some. Wish I could buy it!!

  25. Hi Jill
    Three things on my list are.
    1. Finish my oldest daughers scarpbook. my goal was to have it done by the time she graduated and she did that in 2004.

    2. Clean my storage room

    3: orginize all my picutes.

    What motivates me to get them done is the feeling of accomplishment when they are done :)

    Love the banner!

  26. Hey Jill,

    My to do list includes, but not limited to:

    1) CLeaning my craftroom.and setting a goal to keep it clean.

    2) clean my closet - REALLY CLEAN IT!!

    3) Clean the garage. A NEver ending process, but so worth it in the end.

    4) DATE NIGHT with my husband at least 2 tmes a month.

    Thanks for always having great ideas. THE banner ROCKS!!!

  27. Jill...Love your blog! So glad I stumbled upon it a yearish ago...

    My to-do list is rather long...
    Top 3 items: organize my fabric dresser (yes, a whole 4 drawer dresser devoted to fabric), purge toys from the playroom and get sort through my clothes (come on, if I ever become a size 6 again I deserve some new pants...if I don't, which I probably won't, why am I hanging onto 5 pairs of pants I'm not wearing?)

    Love your crafty ideas, you inspire me!

  28. I love your blog! The comments on this particular post help me feel more normal. I always walk around with this list of unfinished projects in my head and wonder "when" and "if", I will ever get through them, while I still have children at home. While cleaning and organizing the nooks and crannies of life are always on my list, my real concerns are the hobbies I have started and the projects, which wait to be finished. Most are half done, just half, and that's all. I decided to take up quilting I have the quilt for my daughter's wedding that needs to be finished (she is coming up on her third anniversiary), I have a tole painted lazy susan that is painted with flowers that have no centers, and a scarf that I started knitting as a Christmas gift (did that pass by already?). I love crafting, but even as I am in the middle of writing this comment, I am being beckoned for goodnight hugs! Can't complain-they still want to be hugged! Love your banner-kuddos to you for finishing a project!

  29. I love your banner and I love to read your blog! I have several things on that old "to do" list but the top three would be:
    1. Finish laying the wood floors down on the first floor of the house. We started over a year ago and have made a lot of progress but still need to finish just one more room and inside the pantry.
    2. Fill out my twins' baby books--they are now 8 years old.
    3. Send out thank yous from Christmas (I know it has almost been an entire month but better late than never).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Love the banner not that you have made anything that hasn't inspired me. Looking into the app. I confess sometimes I add things I have just finished to my to do list just so I can mark them off. Things currently on my list include 1. Organize recipes (I love to tear new ones out of magazines but rarely sort them) 2. Scrap my dad's life story (he answered questions about all parts of his life and I want to make a book to give him) 3. Lose the ten pounds that never seem to budge. Thanks for the opportunity for a beautiful give away.

  31. 1)Stripping and repurposing a set of former kitchen cabinets into a cabinet for my cricut expression and my daughters personal cricut. They have been sitting in our garage for well over six months when my loving hubs brought them home with him when he helped some people move.

    2)Finishing the quilt that I cut out for myself almost two years ago but never can justify working on when there are some many people having babies I need to make quilts for.

    3)Mail the Christmas package that is sitting in my room! No, not this past Christmas, the year before as in 2010! Yeah, I really hate the post office!

  32. Oh, what motivates me to get stuff done? Finding great, easy to follow tutorials! Pinterest has been great with that!

  33. 1. I still haven't totally unpacked from my move in 2004. I blame it on the fact that I have moved 4 times since then.

    2. In 2009 I gave my daughter a baby scrapbook telling her that I complete it for her by Christmas. It's 2012 and I haven't touched it.

    3. I finished NaNoWriMo in 2010, but have failed to edit my novel so that it's finished. Loser.

    The thing that motivates me to get things done is my Franklin Planner. The downfall is that it relies on human intervention (me) to write down what needs to be done in the first place.

    And a plug for this banner: I won one of Jill's banners a little over a year ago for Thanksgiving. This year was the second year that I've used it and I am so grateful for the eyelets around the holes. They really help it feel more sturdy as I hang it up and take it down. The banner I won was even more beautiful in person, with the glitter and details. Whoever wins the Valentine one will get a treasure.

  34. I started using Toodledo based on a previous post, and I too love it. I love that I can synch between my phone, tablet and web (when I think of something while at work).

  35. The only thing I can think of is be:
    I have been following your blog and I thinks it's AWESOME!!!

  36. Hello,

    So this morning I had the day off and decided to do my favourite pastime... Pretending I am getting my life organized and all my crafts done, when I am only surfing through other people's wonderful ideas! I stumbled across your blog from an idea posted on pinterest. I am in love with it. Your wit tickles my funny bones and I could not stop reading your blogs. So after 2 hours on your site, I now need to go and make your organization station. Thank you for a wonderful blog!