Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apparently I'm Not Busy Enough

Last month Laura Parker contacted me about becoming a monthly contributor on her website, The Teacher's Lounge. I have to admit that it stressed me out a little bit because I've been feeling like my brain is going to implode thinking about all of the deadlines and commitments I have to meet before Spring Break.

Then I thought about it again and I said "What the heck! It's just once a month. I should be able to manage that."

So I did it, and I'm just hoping I don't embarrass myself. I'd love it if you would pop over and visit me, read my introduction post, and even leave a comment if you're feeling somewhat social. If not, I'd even be happy if you snuck in and out, like a creature of the night. Do you ever feel like that when you're blog hopping? Like you just don't have the energy to type, and you just want to click around in sweet, lethargic anonymity? It sounds dreamy, doesn't it?


  1. "I’m passionate about... aligning my curriculum to the Common Core Standards..." I snickered at this, thinking 'suck-up!'.... Lol... Actually I'm excited about it too. I think that once we get our units written & start to implement it it will benefit everyone.

    Overall, you were your funny, crack me up, self and everyone will LOVE you.... as do I***

    ***please note suck-uppness

  2. @Livin' in Duckville, Hey now, Missy. It might sound suck-uppy, but I really am passionate about it. I NEED focus, you know that. And you're right, it will benefit everyone once we get our units written and implemented.