Monday, July 6, 2009

Teriyaki Pita Pockets

I don't know about you, but I don't like to use my oven much during the summer. We have to eat though, so that means finding different recipes where I can use the grill instead of the oven. This recipe for Teriyaki Pita Pockets is super easy and has just a few ingredients. And best of all, they're yummy.

The first step is to marinate the chicken breasts, and I know they look gross. There's just no way to PhotoShop raw chicken to make it look yummy, so we're just going to have to get past appearances.

Two chicken breasts is plenty for four servings, so that's what I have here, even though it sort of looks like a brain. Yeah, getting past that.

This is what I use to marinate the chicken breasts. The brand isn't important, just look for Teriyaki Marinade and you can't go wrong.

Now, I don't generally like to show off in the kitchen, but I would like to show you how to cut up a pineapple. These pita pockets need pineapple, so let's get to it, shall we?

First, you're going to need a special tool to cut up your pineapple.

Do you have one of these?

Ha, ha, ha. I kill myself. I would never in a million years cut up a pineapple. I'd probably amputate a limb in the process.

So the chicken has been marinated and the pineapple has been cut. We're ready to grill.

I like to use this glaze too, it makes the pita pockets extra delicious. I use it on the pineapple slices and the cooked chicken breast.

Stinkerbell is brushing the glaze on the pineapple slices here. You want them to cook long enough on each side to get nice little charred grill lines on them. That means you have to be patient and not keep flipping them, okay? Brush the glaze on one side and let them sit there for looooong minutes, take a peek at one, then when they're ready, flip them over and repeat.

We're not there yet, although the chicken is looking good.

That's what I'm talking about.

We need some lettuce for our pita pockets.

And some sauce. It's basically mayonnaise and Teriyaki sauce. It really doesn't appeal to me because I detest mayo, but I can deal with it for the sake of the Pita Pocket. Peanut Head likes mayo and he insists that this sauce is perfect.

When the chicken is done, I like to cut it up into bite-sized pieces and then toss it with a little Teriyaki glaze.

Once everything is cooked, you just spread some sauce in the pitas, stuff some lettuce in there, a couple pineapple rings, and some chicken, and you have dinner.

You can warm the pitas ahead of time, either in the microwave or the oven. However, when you go to buy Pita Pockets, pay close attention to the packaging. Make sure they say Pita POCKETS and not Pita BREAD. I made that mistake once and I couldn't get the Pitas to pocket.

Here's the recipe card in case you like exact measurements. Enjoy!


  1. These sound SOOOO Good! I will be trying them this week.

  2. You crack me up. I always wondered how to cut up a pineapple. Thanks for that tutorial.

  3. you are too funny ~ thanks for the laugh! and the pita pockets look yummy! I love teriyaki anything.

  4. oh oh oh! I know how to cut up a pineapple!

    I know something you dont know! Neh neh neh neh neh!

    *collapsing into a fit of giggles*

  5. I am so glad you posted this! It looks really good.

    Pita bread is the only kind my daughter can have except for homemade. I have the hardest time cutting the bread open. I had no idea I could get pockets! I will have to look for those!

  6. Yum, yum, yum! This was delicious no matter what my kids said that night! (ha ha)

    Are the chocolate covered brussel sprouts coming soon???????

  7. Oh my, my mouth is watering. I am VERY impressed by your pineapple slicing technique.

  8. I cut my first pineapple today, and it was a breeze!

  9. Yummo! I have got to try that:-)

  10. holy moly....I love this! I can't wait to make it. thanks for the idea...and the recipe card!

  11. These were so good!! We had them for dinner tonight and the whole family loved them. Next we are having the chicken salad crossaints and your stir fry. Thanks for all the recipes. They help get me out of my rut!

  12. Funny I HATE MAYO TOO! Not many of us around:-) I guess if you can eat it I can too, looks yummy!

  13. I just had to pop in and tell you that we had this for dinner the other night and it was absolutely AWFUL... just kidding, I wanted to see if you'd gasp!

    This was super easy, quick and incredibly delicious!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Oh and thanks for the recipe card too!

    BTW, my banana bread card turned out too big and got cut off at printing. I'll fix it as soon as I get the program loaded back on this computer, aka someday.

  14. Holy Cannoli, I tried these the other day and my husband literally said "this is the best thing you've ever made!"

    Ok, at first I got a teensy bit offended because I am a self-proclaimed AWESOME cook, but then I bit into mine and decided that he was right, and it was no insult to my other fabulous dishes. :)

    thanks for the recipe, I am going to spread it like wildfire!