Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cherries on Girlies

Aunt Marcia sent these cute little cherry dresses to the girlies around Easter time. They looooooove them. 

Today I had Zoe's birthday portraits taken (I know, a little late) and I had Brandee take some pictures of the girls together too. Of course they had to wear these sweet little dresses.

Too bad they weren't smiling in any of the cherry dress pictures. Why do kids do that? Zoe was actually glaring at me in the beginning, the little monster.

Before the appointment, I took the girls over to my friend, GaeLyn's house, so her daughter could do the girls' hair. Teenagers know hair much better than I. I tend to be at least a decade behind current fashion trends.

Thanks Morgan, I love what you did with their hair.

Poor Zoe got my hair texture. We need product.

We don't know where Stinkerbell here came from. She tosses her head from side to side, and every hair falls into place like a L'Oreal commercial. It's disgusting.

Then she walks away like a truck driver.

My girls . . . they're such delicate flowers.


  1. They are so precious. I have 2 little girls just like them except they are a couple years older.

  2. Beautiful girls!!

    I had to laugh...my daughter got my curly hair and product will be her middle name when she's older too. Can we say frizzy?


  3. They are soooo CUTE and I LOVE the dresses!!!

  4. They are adorable! Love the hair, Love the dresses!

  5. Hey, The Midge has that same dress! It's her fav!

  6. Oh how adorable! Where did she get the dresses do you know or did she make them? I wish Aria and I had a matching set like that for picture time! Very cute.

  7. Awww, what cutie pies...
    And product is what you need in Houston humidity. We've been doing VBS and the crafts are outside at 9 a.m...my hair is a wreck by just being out there for 30 minutes!!!

    those girls are too cute!!!

  8. How cute! Love the pics :)

  9. cute cute cute! They are adorable.

  10. These are the cutest dresses. Beautiful girls you are going to be in big trouble one day.

  11. They are just WAY too adorable! little stinkers!

  12. You are so funny. I, too, have to make my teenager do my 5 yr olds hair. She does a much better job. I also love their dresses.
    My niece never looks at the camera whenever she gets her picture taken. I just don't understand what or who she thinks is taking the picture.

  13. Haha. They are so cute.

    Shiloh's going through a stage where she either glares at the camera or turns away. It drives me crazy!

  14. I'm folickly challenged too! It sucks! Your girls are beautiful!