Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Quick Note About Pinterest

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I received a comment today from a reader, scrapbookmomx5, and she asked me if she could Pin things from my blog onto Pinterest. She was worried that my copyright blah blah on my sidebar forbade such activity.

I quickly crafted my reply, only to realize that scrapbookmomx5 does not have her e-mail address attached to her Blogger profile, so my e-mail was simply going to be sent into the abyss that is known as It's a dark and dismal place.

So, in case anyone else is also wondering, here is where I stand. Absolutely YES, you can pin any ding dang thing on my blog that you want. The copyright blah blah is to discourage people from posting my pictures and my content on their own blogs. Believe me, it has happened, and it does happen. It's very awkward.

My copyright blah blah is not intended to apply to Pinterest. Pin away, if you so choose. I would be hard pressed to find a blogger that didn't allow pinning from their blog, and really, how can we stop it? The reality is that Pinterest brings a lot of traffic to blogs. I get almost as much traffic from Pinterest as I get from Google, and I would be crazy to turn people away from Pinterest. Well, I am crazy, but you know what I mean. CrazyER.

Pin away, Peeps, and thank you for all your pins! They are much appreciated by me.


  1. Besides, whatever you pin when someone clicks on the picture it leads you to the link it was pinned from. :)

    I love pinterest!

  2. Yay Pinterest!
    Unless something is really, really, REALLY good, I won't repin if it doesn't go back to the original post (aka goes to the blog, where you now have to search through for the post), though at least that would still get you traffic. Worse are pins from Google images!

  3. Yes, but what about those blogs that have no "full-size images" according to Pinterest? It drives me nuts! I always add a note in my description to give added "credit" to the original post. I just wish I could post those that somehow don't work.

  4. @ Melinda, It helps to first click on the blog post's title before you pin it. That should avoid having the pin send people to the main page of your blog because each post has a special URL.

  5. Ah...Pinterest. It has solved one of my previous organizational nightmares. I used to bookmark favorite sites so that I could use them for future reference. Even though I organized my bookmarks I still had problems trying to figure out later why I had bookmarked it in the first place. Pinterest solves that because you are bookmarking the picture of what you want to remember, plus you have the ability to make any notes you want. I have learned many new time-saving life hacks on Pinterest.

    And thus ends my free advertisement for Pinterest. :)

  6. I love me some Pinterest! I have disabled right clicking on my blog so it's harder to steal from it!

  7. Yay! Thank you! [Sorry you had to do a whole post because of my email-not-attached-whatever thing---I'll try to figure that out.]

    I just have this over-active conscience that becomes a pain at times. I'll have to set aside a few hours (or several dozen) to pin all the fabulous things on your blog. I have to say that yours is my very favorite because I love both your ideas and your personality.

    [I do feel pretty special seeing my name in your blog, btw ☺ ]