Monday, August 1, 2011

Recycled Cans Turned Pencil Containers for School

I think I've mentioned before that I like to troll through other teachers' classrooms and lift their brilliant ideas. This is yet another example of that. I've seen a lot of teachers with two pencil cups, one with pencils needing to be sharpened, and one with pencils that are sharp.

This is a big deal in my world because I like my pencils sharp, and I don't like digging through my pencil cup trying to find the perfect pencil with the perfect point. Again, I have such enormous problems.

I have also seen cutesy decorated soup cans to house the writing utensils, and I'm in love with the idea.

So you know I had to make some for myself.

Of course.

I'm in love.

I spray painted my cans black, decorated them with pretty paper, Mod Podged them to within an inch of sanity. Okay, insanity.

I put a lot of Mod Podge on to protect them from the hazards of teaching. The kids. Then I hot-glued some buttons on and used my Crop-A-Dile to cute-ify them some more.

Oh yes I did. The eyelets serve absolutely no purpose other than to cute-ify the cans. The Crop-A-Dile is A-MAZE-ING. I could gauge my own ears with pretty eyelets if I wanted.

I don't want.

Okay, school can start now. I'm ready.

No I'm not. I'm not ready! I take that back! I have more things on Pinterest I must make.

Peace out.


  1. You make my old pencil boxes look really sad.......lucky you are w a a a a y down the hall from me...

  2. That is adorable! I would love to see pics of your classroom!

  3. That is very cute!
    Mod podge and cropadiles.....
    Interesting love.

    Do take a pic of those gauged ears will ya?

    I'm off to check out pinterest. Looking at some of the cute things almost makes me excited for Christmas.


  4. Those are so cute!! Problem is ALL of our pencils would disappear, sharpened, unsharpened - wouldn't matter. WHY, do they come to class without a pencil/pen? I.AM.CLUELESS.

    Gotta looove the crop-a-dile and 'cute-ify-ed' cans! Bein' ready to go back to school? Ummm, not so much... yet...

  5. I want a crop-a-dile so I can cute-ify. Those cans really are a great idea. Even at home it is frustrating lifting pencil after pencil to find THE sharp ONE.

  6. I love this idea! I may need to make these :) I doubt mine will be as cute.

  7. Your cans look great, and there and it will have great classroom extensions in sciece.

    How will you keep those cans full? My kids must eat pencils, because each time I set some out the dissapear?

    William Smith

  8. Yeah, once again, I'm in awe of your amazing talent.

    I don't care if you "borrowed" the idea, look at that beautiful execution.

    I don't even need cute pencil holders and I'm totally wanting those.

    Actually.. hm.. Those would make amazing teacher gifts!

  9. Since I have read your blog for a while now I understand your love for Mod Podge and now, Pintrest. Here is a link from one of my pins for home-made mod podge!! Its crazy easy and c-h-e-a-p!!! Cause the real stuff is pricey!!

  10. Funny as ever. I too would love to see some shots of your classroom. You should see my lame ass cans covered with scrapbook paper. Not even close! :(

  11. another damn project of yours I need to make... LOVING the eyelets. Its too bad a certain short, blond haired, blue-eyed, monster that dwells in my home, BROKE my CADII. Yup. BROKE it. I can punch holes to my hearts content- but the little block thingy that helps smoosh the eyelets in place is MISSING.

    dang kids. oops- I mean monsters!

    perhaps its time for a new CAD...

  12. Can I ask how you did the lettering??

    1. Sure, Rhonda. I used white scrapbook stickers and Mod Podged right over them, several coats, to make sure they didn't lift. It was super easy.

  13. Hi, how do you ensure the top of the can (where it has been opened) isn't sharp?

    1. I didn't notice that being a problem with my cans. I suppose it depends on the can opener that was used to open the can, but if it were sharp, I would have just covered that part with electrical tape or duct tape to avoid cuts.