Sunday, August 21, 2011

Death in the Family

Now don't start freaking out about my post title, a person in my family did not die. However, I did want to share a little . . . hmmmm, let's just call it an unfortunate event that took place while the girls and I were in California, and Peanut Head was left behind to hold down the fort. Well, that, and work. Someone has to bring home the bacon around here.

Glad it's not me.

Anyway, a couple days into our trip, I received this little e-mail message from Peanut Head.


I'm going to go grocery shopping tonight. Is there any money for allowance around here, or should I get some at the store?

On a sadder note, probably shouldn't let on to the girls just yet. We've had an issue . . . well . . . with one of the animals.

Nothing much can be done now.

But I don't think you should show the following to Zoe and Annie.

Before I show the picture to you, I need to explain something. I know you are distracted by it already, because I am distracted by it. The "allowance" that Peanut Head is referring to, well, I just want you to know that I don't monitor everything he spends or anything like that.

Well, actually I do, but what I feel I should explain is that since we got married twenty years ago, we have always had a weekly allowance of $20 to spend on whatever we want. That's what he is referring to.

So, back to our regularly scheduled execution, I mean loss . . .

I scrolled down and down and down and down to this picture. This picture that made me smile.

On the other hand, it was a nice day at the range today.

Write back soon. :)

Peanut Head is so naughty. Of course I immediately read the e-mail to the girls and showed them the picture. Then I told them to call their Daddy chop, chop, and give him a piece of their minds.

Which they did.

And it was very high pitched with lots of squealing, and overall, very entertaining to listen to. 

We're making memories here. Little nuggets of life that I can relive again and again when I'm in the old folks home.


  1. That totally made my day...he is hysterical :)

  2. Dearest Jill,

    I am so sorry for your loss. While I know that this is tragic to experience while you are away from home, you can rest assure that those little suckers multiply like bunnies & you'll have plenty more to contend with by the time you get back.

    Do you think that Peanut Head would be willing to come to my house & help with the Lego King's overpopulation?... thinning of the herd so to speak.

  3. This is hilarious! The whole freaking post.

  4. Thinning of the herd . . . ha, ha, ha. Love it!

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Theres always something when you leave a man alone for a week... ;)

  6. I love it!!! We left our dogs with friends once and got a similar email about an "incident" with a "casualty." Well we don't know which of the 4 total dogs did it, but a stuffed moose was never quite the same, even after some quarantine time in kennel to recuperate!
    I love that you let your girls let him have it :)

  7. Hee hee! You just can't leave the mens alone! :) Hmmm we also have an overpopulation of stuffed toys....

  8. Survival of the fittest.

    Oh, that is funny. I think an email like that would have freaked me out.

    So funny that he took pictures......and has lived to tell about it.

  9. Oh, too funny! That is something my husband would do for sure!! lol

  10. Thanks for this post! I needed that laugh. :)