Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cornbread . . . by Peanut Head

Remember how I told you that Peanut Head is always experimenting with a good thing? Like he can NEV. ER. leave well enough alone? He has had some pretty strange ideas too, let me tell you. 

One time, he made enchiladas or something for his sister, Marcia, and I, and he screwed up big time. I don't remember exactly what it was he made because my head caught on fire immediately after the first bite and incinerated the memory from my brain forever.

Which probably gives you a little clue about what the experiment was all about. Ahem. The recipe, the recipe he decided to tweak before he even tried it once, called for one canned chipotle chili pepper.

And he dumped the whole can in.

The bonehead.

Marcia and I took one bite and we were all "Nuh Uh. I ain't eatin' tonight. I'm goin' to bed hungry."

He was, and is, so full of pride that he choked his serving down, sweating buckets and exclaiming how delicious it was. "It's got a little kick, but it's very flavorful."

"What-EVER. Like how could you tell? Your mouth is spewing flames like a blow torch."

Geesh. Anyway, this recipe isn't really like that. I just like to make fun of Peanut Head whenever I can. This recipe is actually very good and it wasn't his first tweak at it, so you're safe and you don't have to worry about any kitchen fires.

I promise.

I don't really know how he made it, but he took a lot of pretty pictures, so I'm just showing them to you.

"Ack! Alien hand with pecan halves!"

"Oooh, purty."

Purtier still.

It really was good though, so here's the recipe card.

He made me make a recipe card for you. He held a can of chipotle chili peppers to my head and I did it under duress.

No lie.


  1. It looks delish! And this post totally had me cracking up by the way. *lol*

  2. I don't usually like cornbread but that sure is pretty!

  3. dying laughing...this summer my mom and my aunt made a recipe that called for TWO canned chipotle peppers....yea....it was REALLY spicy after they dumped in 2 cans...so I can totally feel your pain sista!

  4. YUM...that looks and sounds delicious!!!! I LOVE cornbread anyway!

  5. oh gosh, I never knew a recipe post could be so funny til I met your blog.

  6. The peppers don't sound so good, but the pecans sure do!

  7. That is hilarious that he made you make a card:-)

  8. Hahaha I can't believe he used a whole can of peppers!

  9. What a wonderful Fall twist on traditional cornbread. Looks like Peanut Head "done good" and redeemed himself from the aforementioned chipotle incident. That sounded like a real scorcher!

  10. That does look pretty and everything is better with nuts!

  11. It does look pretty! Everything is better with nuts!