Saturday, November 7, 2009


Let's talk about birthmarks, shall we? Well, birthday bookmarks, that is. It seems that a few of you thought it might be a good idea for me to make some holiday bookmarks, and I love that idea, I really do, and I'm going to get right on that, but I don't want anyone slinging any blog snot at me for putting my Christmas pretties up before Thanksgiving, so I'm going to hold off a bit.

In the meantime, I thought these little guys might hold you over for a bit.

I'm totally giving these to my sixth graders for their birthdays. It's a perfect teacher gift, don't you think? I think it would be a nifty party favor too. Or a great gift with a Barnes & Noble gift card. Or a fun little somethin' somethin' to stick inside a birthday card. Oh heck, just make some for yourself and celebrate your birthday all year long.

You can't have a birthday without cake, right?

I tweaked the one on the left a wee little bit, so if you're wondering why it looks different down below, it's because these are my prototypes and I thought the one was a little blah.

Oh dear, how did these get in here? You weren't supposed to see these.

Close your eyes and don't hate, okay?

Remember how I made my last batch of bookmarks with freebie magnets from the phone book? Yeah, well . . . I ran out so I had to go and buy some magnets.

And just between you and me, I'll never go back. These are worth the ten cents per bookmark because they have the adhesive already on them and they are STR-O-O-O-NG.

Notice that it's a box of 50 magnets. And each magnet is good for three bookmarks.

And, oopsie, I used all of those (yes that means 150 bookmarks, but really, who's counting?), and I had to go out and buy the gigondo box of magnets so I could bring you some more magnet love.

Can you believe it? I'm a little magnet happy lately. You could say that the kids in my life aren't lacking for bookmarks and you wouldn't be wrong.

As I was saying, I looooooove the self-adhesivity of these babies.

Remember I said that I can get three bookmarks per magnet? This is how I cut them up. I cut them in half, then each of those halves into thirds. I'm reeeeeeeee-al good at fractions. A fact that my sixth graders do not appreciate one little bit. They sort of hate fractions.

Then I cut a little extra off the edge of one of the pieces for each magnet. I do this because the little suckers won't line up perfectly for some dang reason. They go all magnet-mind-of-their-own on me and repel each other when I try to stack them perfectly lined up.

So I had to smother my symmetry issues and deal by making one of them shorter. It still bugs me.

Here's the longer of the two magnets.

And here's the shorter one on top and ready to be stuck to the opposite side of the bookmark.

Smackdown! And there you have it, another magnet bookmark. Bet you needed one too.

Here are the jpgs for you. In case you didn't see the last batch, print these as 4x6 photo prints, cut them in half lengthwise so they are 2" x 6", then fold over for a magnet bookmark.

Also, don't forget to click on each image before saving them to your computer so you get the best resolution.

Happy Birthday!

Pretend, okay?


  1. You are awesome to share!! Now if only I had time right now at 3AM... :)

  2. These are very cute and I LOVE your sense of humor! ~Lanie

  3. you are so smart, friend....I'm in awe of your talent! ;)


  4. well, now I smile a little smile at all my free real estate magnets every time I go to the fridge because I know their fate... He he ! These are amazing!

  5. Thank you so much for restraining yourself and not posting all your holiday stuff (which I know you probably have done).

    BTW, my blog has moved to and my email has changed to Stop by and see me.

  6. Love these! Good to know about the magnets. I also love those ones I did not see! ; )

  7. I didn't even know Staples had those adhesive magnets! I have another project I'm going to start that those would work great on. I do think I'll have to try some bookmarks too! Thanks for the great ideas.

  8. Thank you for letting us know about the magnets. I'm going to have to see if our staples has the same thing. (We don't have everything in our Canadian stores. boo)

    I really like your bookmark idea, and I might steal it. I really gotta invest in a laminator. What brand did you say you have??

  9. I found 2 advertising magnets cleaning house this weekend and saved them just for your bookmarks. I love the birthday idea theme! Thanks much!

  10. Really cute! And I love that so much better than the rolls of magnet tape which never lay flat!

  11. You and your magnets! They look awesome. I especially love the cake one.. mmmm cake.

  12. You still continue to amaze me. I love the ideas and love that you share them!


  13. Very cute! Okay, for those of us mathematically challenged, can you tell me what size the final product turns out ot be? I'm trying to so through the steps in my head and come up with it, but my brain hurts from trying so.....

  14. these are so great! You could make some cute christmas one or winter ones put them with gifts. I love these!

  15. Very nice! Could you share where you got the great birthday graphics from?

  16. How do you make all your cute graphics? Do you use a graphics program or just get clipart off of the internet? What graphics program do you use?
    Lauri Thompson
    New fan of your post :)