Monday, June 23, 2008

Those Little Monsters!

At first glance these probably look like just ordinary kids' pictures, however, there's a story behind these little gems. You see, the stickers you see within the pictures did not actually belong to my children, the children that made these pictures. I sell scrapbooking supplies and people are always asking me "Don't your kids get into your stuff?" In the past I have always been able to honestly answer "No." Those days are clearly over. One day I pulled a Day at the Ranch sticker sheet out of my inventory for a customer that was going to drop by for it. When I went to retrieve the stickers, this "art" is what I found in its place. I just love the oversized boots in the stirrups on the horses. And the little stick cowboy tipping his hat in the top picture just makes me smile. How can I be mad when I see that these stickers were put to good use?

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