Sunday, June 15, 2008

Control Freak

Welcome to my blog, where I share what I'm passionate about--my family, my friends, crafts, scrapbooking, cooking, and organizing. I'm sarcastic, and I like to poke fun at myself and others.

I am a huge Control Freak, and as a result I'm on an ongoing quest to control the chaos in my life. It's a job that will never be finished, but I refuse to let that stop me. There's always a better way, and the internet has opened up a world of ideas that are just waiting for me to discover.

I'm a middle school math teacher and I frequently act like a middle school child. I remember all too well what it was like to be that age, and I enjoy the comedy my students bring into my life. They are so amazing.

I love learning new things from other bloggers, and I always try to give credit and link love when I am inspired by someone.

I love comments, but I don't respond to all of them. I used to break my neck trying, and believe me, I am racked with guilt over not doing so, but once I went back to work, it just became physically impossible for me to do so.

However, if you have a question, I promise I will respond if you e-mail me. Just click on Contact Me in my Nav Bar. I always try to respond quickly, but how long it takes just depends on what I'm freaking out about at any given time. Sound familiar?

I read all my comments and I appreciate each and every one of them. Thanks for stopping by and reading my yackity yack.