Monday, June 30, 2008

Anyone for a Workout?

I used to go to the gym for my workouts, but once I had kids that was no longer practical or convenient for me, not to mention in the budget. I had used workout videos before with success, so it is a good choice for me now. I recently discovered The Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVDs and I LOVE them. They are both very challenging workouts and, best of all, timesaving.

The Biggest Loser DVD is customizable with a 5-minute warm-up section, a 20-minute level 1 workout, a 10-minute level 2 workout, a 10-minute level 3 workout, and a 5-minute cool down. You can choose to do whichever combination you want with each workout and you can even block out the trainer's voice (great for when they start to get on your nerves). There are no perfect bodies in this workout, well, except for the trainers, so that is another plus. You don't have to endure the camera man panning over and zooming in on Malibu Barbie's parts. I love the cool-down part of this workout too. Bob leads you through some really great yoga stretches. Now I've never done any type of yoga before, but this little five-minute sample has really got me interested. Does anyone out there have any recommendations for a good yoga workout on DVD? I would love to hear from people about this.

The Shred workout is a winner because it is intense and it's only 25 minutes (including warm-up/cool-down). I find it pretty hard to make an excuse to not do this one. I mean, how can I not fit a 25 minute work out into my day. Both workouts are intense and efficient in that they make you work more than one muscle group at a time for more efficient calorie burning. Now I'm not exactly a poster-child for these workouts because I am, how shall I say it, rotund. However, I am fit, I'm just one of those fat fit people.

If you're interested in trying either of these workouts, click on the images below:

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