Friday, July 5, 2013

Popcorn Chicken

That's a pretty crazy picture of Peanut Head up there, isn't it? In it, he's at work, and you're going to love the explanation.

Recently Peanut Head acquired another job duty and that is on the Safety Team. In the past, the Safety Team has always done a Popcorn Friday dealie where they solicit safety suggestions from employees in exchange for popcorn.

Sort of demeaning, isn't it?

Well anyway, while we were camping earlier this month, another member of the Safety Team burnt their cornea popping popcorn. Seriously. I don't make this stuff up.

This is why there is even a Safety Team to begin with. Remember the whole McDonald's Hot Coffee lawsuit? It's like that. Sort of.

Anyway, after that incident it was decreed that all employees making popcorn must wear safety glasses  in order to protect them from themselves. I mean popcorn.

The irony was just too much for Peanut Head to resist and he dressed up for Popcorn Friday in the get up you see above. He's wearing a fire retardant smock, by Kate Spade I believe, fire retardant potholder mitts, and a face shield with safety glasses.

Now he's ready to dish up the popcorn.

If only the employees could take him seriously and respect him enough to offer safety tips instead of mock him for his fashion sense.

That's the Popcorn part of this post.

Here's the Chicken.

Our chickens make me laugh on a daily basis. What I'm laughing about today is the way that Stinkerbell holds the chickens.

The funny part is that the chickens don't even seem to mind. They don't squawk or flap their wings, or even wiggle. They just lay there as if they are chillin' on the couch.

So there you have it. Popcorn Chicken.


  1. It is true this a crazy peanut head picture.

  2. Great picture! He looks like he's filming an episode of Mythbusters!