Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Classroom Bookcase Take Two

I'm only halfway through my summer vacation, but I can't seem to turn off my brain and relax. School is on my mind constantly. My house is in dire need of some cleaning and decrapification, but I can't seem to bring myself to care enough to actually do something about it.

It's so bad that I can't get the chorus for John Mellencamp's Crumblin' Down out of my head. That's my house. In disarray and disheveled.

So what do I do?

I paint. It's my therapy.

First I painted my classroom. Three walls are the teal color, that small wall area by my door is lime, and the rest is bulletin board. I'd show you more, but my room is in disarray and disheveled.

Plus, I want to save something for my classroom tour. 

Next I painted this. Again. You may recall that I only just painted this last summer. Well now this blue doesn't really go with my new colors, so I had to change it up.

To this. That's leftover lime paint from my classroom paired with black.

Zoe helped me out by holding the bookcase up while I snapped pictures. Our lawn is in need of mowing so the bookcase wouldn't stand up straight.

This is a close-up of the black. I used a weathered crackle glaze between the lime paint and the black paint to get this effect.

I really like how it turned out. 

Miracle of miracles, my classroom has already been cleaned this summer so I can start setting up now. I've been in a few hours already to move furniture around and unpack my desk. I'm anxious to get my stuff unpacked and get some things on the walls before the girls and I leave for California in a couple weeks. We'll be gone for two weeks, so once we get back I'm going to be overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in the space of two weeks.

I'm feeling a little cray cray right now. I mean more so than usual. You know, it's all relative.


  1. I looooove your bookcase! The green is such a happy color, and the crackle paint is so fancy! :) Is that contact paper in the back? I did a similar thing to my bookcases for this year and I'm sooo happy with the result. I'm incredibly jealous you're allowed to paint your classroom. My walls have been a hideous color, but wasn't allowed to touch them- union issue apparently. Meh. :/ Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Blake. :) No, that is not contact paper, but if I would have seen the contact paper that is very similar to it when I did the bookcase, I totally would have gone that route. I just recently discovered it and I have plans to cover my hideous desk with it. I was super surprised when my principal not only gave me the okay to paint my classroom, but he bought the paint for me. I seriously expected him to say no, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. You have a great summer too, and thank you for your comment. :)

  2. LOVE the green bookcase with the black back! =D