Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New and Improved Hall Pass

I'm so excited right now, I'm just giddy. Janae from Thoughts in Vinyl just finished the vinyl for my new hall pass, and this pass is Middle School sized. I love how Janae varied the font size so that it looks like Subway Art. I tell you, she is a Magician. I tell her what I want my vinyl to say, pick a font and a color, and she works it up that way and another way using her own expertise. Her own expertise always seems to turn out better than how I saw it in my mind.

Tell me how that happens, will you? Every single project I embark on starts with a vision, and never ends up looking anything like that vision. Some people have the gift, I guess.

If you are dying for a hall pass like this, Janae has it on her website now, for your shopping convenience. She has it in two sizes--15" x 12" or the 22" x 17" obnoxious size that I chose. Let's see you hide this pass behind your back, Kiddos. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

Anyway, you can find the vinyl to make this most excellent hall pass by clicking here.

I rarely post pictures of myself because of my extra chinnage and my drooping eyes, but I realized that you still haven't seen my new do, and I've been wearing it for over three months now. When I first got it, I got some interesting reactions from the people in my life who supposedly love me.

Peanut Head grabbed the top of his head with both hands and violently torqued his scalp down to one side.

I did laugh.

Zoe Bug took one look and said "Your hair is weird, Mom."

Most of my students reacted positively, perhaps to spare my feelings, but one of my charges who has personality squared, gave me her opinion straight up when she saw it. She took me aside at recess, so as not to cause me further pain, and said in a whisper voice, "Mrs. Scott, I do not like your hair. It's weird."

My feelings were not hurt though. I agree, it is weird, but it's also fun and that's why I did it. In fact, I think I'm going to keep it for a spell.

Mind you, right now it's kind of screaming MLil' Pony! but that's on account of I got my color touched up yesterday and it's always "Whoo! Rainbow Girl" like this for the first few days. Then it calms down and doesn't alarm people quite so much.

When I first got this style I alarmed myself when I stepped out of the shower and saw Rotund Draco Malfoy in my bathroom, but then I realized it was just my bangs in the mirror.

That was a close call.


  1. sooooo is this huge thing also the bathroom pass? And exactly HOW do they carry it through the halls? Does it have handles? I do like how she arranged the multi-size lettering. It's fantastic. The hair, I shall not comment. That is my best option right now. Then again I wont comment on my own hair either, so go figure!

  2. Jill,

    You are WONDERFUL. When I see there's an update from you in my feed reader, I get excited. You always have something amusing to say. =]

    I love the hall pass. Too funny. I also love your hair - I think you rock it! Your confidence is exuberant, and that's all that matters.

  3. I love your hair! I think it is the equivalent of hair bling! I got my hair changed dramatically earlier this year-donated 6 inches (8? can't remember) and got some very blonde highlights. I was called "Stripe" from the Gremlins, and my favorite, "Cruella DeVille". Feel the love!

  4. You are hilarious. I am going to so enjoy working with you. I love your hall pass. There will be no question as to which class they are out of. LOL And your hair, It looks great. Dee

  5. Although I do like the humor behind the giant hall pass, I have to wonder what the kids will do with it when they use the bathroom. Right now I can imagine it laying on the bathroom floor or something-quickly becoming a huge germ-filled piece of funny but not something I would ever want to touch again!

  6. @Kelsey, That was initially a concern for me as well, but really, this hall pass isn't any different from any other hall pass in that kids will always rest them in places we would not choose while they are using the restroom. My last hall pass like this was made to be worn around the neck, but I still cleaned it periodically. I'm not worried about this hall pass as much because I don't plan on letting my students use the restroom as class periods are 45 minutes or less. It's just a generic hall pass for frivolous errands.

  7. hahahahaha - retired middle school teacher - love the pass!

  8. You. Are. The. Best. Teacher. Ever.