Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm In!

I spent some time in my classroom last week after I dropped by and found this awesome sign on my classroom door. It's the symbolic green light for me to start setting up my room and decorating.

The first thing I did was put my desk where I wanted it, and then I set about hooking up my computer. It took me an hour and a half of maneuvering to get the tangled mess somewhat organized. I was sweating like a pig and contorting my body in unattractive positions to get all the wires connected properly and free of the furniture it was entangled with.

Criminy, it was a lot of cordage to deal with.

The colorful spiral doodads are cord wranglers I found at The Container Store. That's not their real name, but I like it.

I can't for the life of me figure out why some cords were long enough to encircle the entire school. Really?

I tamed them with some command hooks, masking tape, and a few pretty rubber bands. It's not pretty, but at least my students and I won't be tripping over them.

Meanwhile Stinkerbell set about putting my new desk chair together. 

I spent a wee bit of my week in that exact same pose.

This picture was taken relatively early in my unpacking process. My room is not looking as hideous as I remembered it being at the beginning of the summer.

Perhaps because I've spent my summer building up the hideousness in my head, so that now it's not as bad, and I can actually see the potential that's there.

Although my desk is still a disaster, I have just one box left to unpack.

I'm hoping to finish with the decorating in the next few days. This is my favorite part.

You may remember that I had quite a bit of vinyl on the walls of my last classroom. I've ordered a couple of my favorites, but I couldn't bear to put them on my walls where I would have to leave them if I have to move classrooms down the road.

So I bought a couple canvases at Michael's, and brushed them with a quick color wash of acrylic paint, then slapped my vinyl on top of that.

Now they are colorful and I can take them with me wherever I go.

I can't wait to hang these up in my classroom.

I ordered my Work Hard vinyl here, and the Christopher Robin quote here if you want one for yourself.

I'm hoping to put my virtual classroom tour up in the next week. Stay tuned.


  1. Your post brought back a lot of wonderful memories to this retired teacher. May your year be filled with wonderful adventures - cherish each one of them.

  2. Great post. Stinkerbell ROCKS putting your chair go girl!

    Here's to a wonderful school year!

  3. I'm like Nancy. Getting my room set up each year was hard work, but it was also fun. Once that was done, I could settle down and get to work on the mundane tasks and meetings. I hope you will have a wonderful year. (Your bookcase looks great.)

  4. Love this!

    Is that chair from IKEA?

  5. I finally pushed a table in front of all my cords; otherwise my computer was in front of the bulletin board. It will undoubtedly annoy me to no end. Not sure what someone was thinking....
    Work hard and be nice = my only two rules. They encompass most everything.

  6. LOVE your idea to use a canvas for the quotes! I'm totally ripping it off!

  7. I like the canvas idea as well. :) Have fun setting up your classroom. That part makes me want to be a teacher!!