Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Student Treats for the End of the Year


I like to do something fun for my students at the end of the year as a little going away treat, but with 30 students it has to be cheap too. This year I pulled together a little Pinterest inspired goodie.

I found the straws at the Dollar Store, four to a pack. I bought the Kool-Aid Singles at Walmart in boxes of twelve.

I made the tag using Photoshop Elements and the Creative Memories Cheerful Summer Additions kit. I am in love with the fun colors in that kit.

I'm going to give my students a small water bottle with this treat, so they can kick off their summer with a cool drink when they get home.

Just thinking about Kool-Aid brings back memories from when I was a kid, and I would come home from school to mix up a pitcher of the chemical infested beverage with an insane amount of sugar. It was so good though.

These M&M treats are a little thank you for my Yearbook Committee this year, a group of sweet students that were always happy to help out. Well, maybe not happy, but they were good sports when I bossed them around.

I used the Creative Memories Cheerful kit for this tag too, but with a couple of monsters from Kate Hatfield's Lil' Monsters kit. I have a thing for monsters, so I couldn't resist.

Speaking of monsters, I need a little advice. I recently scored a job in my district teaching JUST MATH I'M SO EXCITED at one of our middle schools, and I'm wondering if I can still get away with the whole monster theme I have going on.

What do you think? Too elementary or can I pull it off?


  1. Cute little gifts for your students. I taught middle school math and used frogs as my theme. After my kids warmed up to me, they loved the frogs. We just had to establish our rapport first.
    You will love middle school math - I sure did!

  2. Love the little gifts!
    And I think you could TOTALLY pull off the monster theme! :)

  3. I teach 6th in a jr. high and they would love it.

  4. My daughter is in middle school right now and they are obsessed with dinosaurs. I think monsters are closely related, so you should be ok. I think your satire and whit would be better matched in middle school....good luck.

  5. Oh Jill, you worry too much. I have absolutely no doubt that you could pull off any thing you set your mind, especially regarding themes! :) I imagine your new monsters to be a little more pimply in regards to middle school but there is some fun to be had there too!

  6. Love the gifts, they're just ADORABLE!! :) you're a very creative and caring person, keep it up! :) your blog is great.


  7. Monsters and Math are always a good combination!

  8. You could pull it off! I teach 6th grade math and have monkeys all over my room. I even affectionately call them my "monkeys". They'll love it!

  9. I somehow missed this post. See you are a great teacher who cares so much about her students! Congratulations on your new job!