Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Classroom Helper/Teacher Gifts

We have just two weeks of school left, so I'm starting to panic thinking about all the things I have to get done before it's time to send the kiddos off for the summer. Over the weekend I tackled two things on my list with my classroom helper and teacher gifts. Both were actually relatively easy to put together too.

I found the small popcorn containers in the Target Dollar Spot, two for a dollar. I filled them with some candy and a little tag that I made last year, a tag that for some reason never made it onto the blog. I'm a little annoyed with myself, because I went looking for pictures of what I did last year, and I could not find them. Some blogger I am.

Anyway, last year I think I glued this tag onto the front of a card, but who knows? Maybe I just dreamt that.  I used the Kate Hadfield Movie Night digital kit for the tag.

I put two eyelets in my tag and then tied it to a chop stick so it would stand up in the popcorn container.

I also folded the tag over and stapled it to make a little pocket for a movie gift card. I love this so much, I want to give it to myself.

That would be greedy though.

These are my classroom helper gifts. One of them is actually for a Methods Student that is in my class several days a week. I found the insulated cups at Wal Mart.

I put the tags together in Photoshop Elements using the Creative Memories Cheerful Power Palette. I love the bright colors.

I also folded this tag over and tucked a gift card inside.

Then I filled the cups with M&Ms because they're bright, and who doesn't love M&Ms?

Freaks, that's who.


  1. What great gift ideas, Jill! I love them both. Love how you did the movie ticket gift card tag with the popcorn buckets ~ very creative.

  2. You really did a wonderful job. Your gifts are thoughtful and fun to look at!

    I <3 M&Ms.

  3. Cindi from ColoradoMay 17, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    These are SO cute!!! I love CM's digital content. Cheerful is one of my faves, too! I think a little trip to Target is on my schedule today.

  4. I missed this post too... wow. what's going on with me???

    Great little gifts for everyone. Certainly unique!