Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Life Cycle of a Spider and Other Zen-Like Ponderings

I've been wanting to get this picture scanned into my computer for months, but for some reason my computer has decided to unfriend my scanner. I would try to scan something and it would say "Scanner not found."

Then I'd yell at it "It's right there! On the desk next to you, you big bonehead. Would you like me to introduce you?!!!!"

It would politely decline thereby causing me to have an aneurysm. Much whining would ensue, Peanut Head would pointedly ignore the whining, and I would mutter under my breath and threaten to buy a new scanner.

I know, I'm such a problem solver. 

Peanut Head is my tech support, and he came through for me, finally. Thank you sweetie. Smooches. 

Something about having to reinstall the driver, blah blah, boring stuff, blah blah.

Anyway, this picture is Stinkerbell's masterpiece entitled "Life Cycle of a Spider." Ironically, this piece was created while sitting in church. Because The Stink is all about the peace and the love when she's supposed to be tranquil and pleasant.

I liked the Life Cycle picture so much that she has been cranking out multiple versions. This one made me smile because we get these creepy looking centipede bugs in our basement, and we always vacuum them up. The last frame is supposed to be a vacuum, but she knew it wasn't super identifiable, so she went ahead and labeled it. She's helpful like that.

Stinkerbell's teacher has the kids fill out these vocabulary charts for their vocabulary words every week, and I get a kick out of some of The Stink's pictures. Sometimes they're funny.

Like this one. I love it. It goes with the word "dispatch," and the stick guy is calling 911 because his house in on fire. The dispatch guy says "On it!"

This one is hard to see, but it's a muscle guy. She labeled the dude "mucle."

This is me. I'm thinking about changing my Facebook Profile picture to this and calling it "Split Personality."

In contrast, here are Zoe Bug's drawings. Drawings of unicorns and rainbows, not death.

Actually, not unicorns, but horses.

Here a horse, there a horse, everywhere a horse-horse.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to get hoarse.

Can you tell I've been working out?

I've been on this new workout routine called "21 Days to a Segmented Insect Body."  I think it's working.


  1. lots of laughing going on at my house righ now. where can i pick up some info on the segmented insect body diet? lol

  2. Ok, the drawings are so cute, but your commentary makes is hilarious!!!!

    Segmented insect body! AWESOME!

  3. AWESOME!!!! the segmented insect body...LOL

  4. Oh my. It certainly freaks out my kids when I start laughing out loud while looking at the computer!

    I think I may be interested in the Segmented Insect Body Diet. Anything's better than what I've got going at this point.

    Thanks for making my day!!

  5. WOW! definately need to get my hands on that Segmented Insect Body diet!!

  6. Gosh, you are so funny sometimes! I love reading your posts & this one really made me laugh. Thanks!

  7. Jilly, I am so out of touch. Just finally stumbled in and noticed you had a site. OH NO! The childhood organizer has grown up!!!!!! I love everything you have made and it is so Jill! You know I tag all these lovely ideas to get organized but then I can't remember where I put them later? Seen em? I have a huge folder my hubby calls the Big Book of Organization Ideas, funny Jeff, in which I clip and store all these fab articles, website addresses and thoughts on what I am going to do to organize. Now, as soon as I get a moment, I am gonna do them! I mean it! I am the shopping online queen. My friends call me to tell me what they want and willing to pay and I shop it, find it , gather discounts, Promo's, coupons or bookmark it to keep checking for when on sale etc. Then I help them get it. I was able to do Xmas this last year under 200 and Jeff had heart failure as he thought I spent minimum 600 or more. I can figure out any shopping site...I can find any bargain and I have a million gift shops and sites saved but I can't figure out FACEBOOK! Okay, truthfully, I hate it as it is a poorly designed site with Lame APPS but like you said, we can talk with friends and it's free. Need I say more. Free is good! love you...terribly unorganized but looking good in my Ann Taylor flats for Maria

  8. Too stinking funny!!! Just another Laugh-Out-Loud moment reading your posts! I'm with all the others; the segemented comment was the cherry-on-top.

    Never a dull moment at your house...and I thought being the only girl in an all-boy house was too much fun...

  9. Jill,
    Sorry to post on this post. For some reason when I click to subscribe by email(I'm rss illiterate) it says windows live mail can't be started? Same message when clicking to contact you. I recently started a blog and posted my inspired weekly chart from your post back in August of 2009. GREAT idea! It in turn transformed into an idea to make a contribution chart and organized kid space. Any suggestions of a way to subscribe by email for your blog?


    you can check out what you inspired =)


  10. hahaha, showed this to all my friends and they all cracked up. your commentary makes it 110% enjoyable. More people like you would always be welcome to make me laugh! Thanks for making my day!!!

    Keep up my smiles :D

    PS. Must find out about this Segmented Insect Body diet.