Sunday, December 5, 2010


So, you know how you see those cute little personalized hand sanitizers around the blogosphere, and people give them as teacher's gifts? Well, I think they are super cute, but in a real-life classroom that little bitty jobber might last two weeks. I go through two of the big Sam's Club gigondo hand sanitizers in one school year. 

These 67.6 ounce babies. 

And they are worth every penny, trust me. I got sick one time last year. Count it. ONE TIME.

Before I used hand sanitizer, it was every other month, at least. And I'm not the only one getting sick less. I keep one of these monsters by the computers, since most of the students touch the keyboards every day. I have another one back by the sink, and one at my desk too. 

Tomorrow the girls are each taking a ginormous personalized hand sanitizer to their teachers, just to kick off the holiday season. Here's how I did ours.

First, I soaked the bottles, label side down, in a sink full of water. After ten minutes or so, the labels peeled right off. That was the easy part. Next I had to scrub them with Goo-Gone to get the sticker residue off. Finally, I cleaned them with Windex, and then they were ready to be personalized.

I used my Cricut to cut the things I wanted out of brown vinyl. I used the Plantin School Book cartridge on Shadow, at half an inch for the lettering. The scrolly thing is from my Creative Memories Reminisce Accents cartridge. It's the Scroll1 shape with the Frame setting, and I cut that at four inches.

I used the same font cartridge for the teacher's monogram, but I didn't use the Shadow setting, and I cut them at 2-1/4 inches.

It was a quick project, and so worth the effort.

I love them so much, I might even make one for my classroom.

Since this has posted, I have found someone who will make an even cuter version of this label for just $3.50. It makes a great Teacher Appreciation gift. For details, go to this post.


  1. YES!!! I love people who love hand sanitizer and I'm serious!! People give me crap for using it all the time, but I'm a believer!! :)

  2. I had no idea that they made it in bottles that big. I am seriously considering this as a gift for my daughter's teachers. TFS ;o)

  3. I am not only making one of these now for Burkleys teacher but one for myself. I have a huge UGLY one in Nats bedroom and now I can make it cute. Great idea! THANKS!

  4. I LOVE THIS! Have you considered setting up a few of these vinyls on etsy for your blog-stalkers without a cricut? =) *hint*hint*hint*
    I'm assuming the letter in the middle is the teachers initial?

  5. Thanks for the great idea. I always sttuggle with teacher gifts, I want to get her something useful. I am heading out to purchse mine (hers) today.



  6. One more comment from me...I should have had my bright ideas BEFORE I posted last time!

    How cute would it be to have the teachers name above the Ginormous--
    So it could say "Mrs. Williams Ginormous Germ Be Gone"

    Again--when you gonna put those on Etsy?!? =)

  7. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! off to costco for sanitizer (we dont have sams club) and to Michaels for more vinyl :) Thanks, Jill!


  8. What agreat idea and affordable! Who wouldn't love that stuff when washing hands 10x day leaves your hands cracked dry! Wow I want a Cricut for my birthday!

  9. Great gift idea! You are killing me with all the Cricut projects. I so want to buy one!!

  10. Love that! So creative! What a great idea. I love hand sanitizer..carry it with me everywhere!

  11. Those are so cute! I wish I could use hand sanitizer but my eczema makes it kill my hands. Such a neat idea though! :)

  12. I stinkin' love it! I have been a good girl using my "magic soap" many times a day. Germs, be gone!

  13. My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

  14. I've loved these since you originally posted, but was so happy to see them again this week. I just finished making a bunch for my kids' teachers this year! Thanks for sharing your inspiring ideas!