Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Bookmarks

I made a couple new holiday bookmarks. I love the Santa and Mrs. Claus heads, so I couldn't resist.

If you weren't around here last year, you missed these holiday bookmarks. They're still up though, so you can go here and grab them if you'd like them.

And here's the new one. Enjoy!

By the way, I'll be working on the holiday paint can inserts this week, so stay tuned. I've just switched over to the new sbcStudio software for the Mac, so I'm doing a bit of stumbling around, and I'm not very fast with it. Plus, there were some problems with the software initially, that have now been resolved.

I promise I haven't forgotten about you.


  1. sure cute! Did you cut the heads with your cricut? Im not recognizing them from a cartridge, so im assuming SCAL was involved?

  2. never mind... just looked again and realized they are digital.

  3. I love them! Of course I always love your stuff, err, crafts I mean. ;)

  4. I'd be curious to get your evaluation of the new software for the Mac. I went on the website and am thinking of ordering the free trial. I bought the PC version last year and haven't had much time to play around on it. I'm a teacher also and it has been a very busy year! I love all of your creative projects that you share with your readers!

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  6. If you have any sbcStudio tips I would LOVE them -- can't seem to figure the silly software out.