Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

I hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July weekend. I don't know about you, but I always find it to be an exhausting holiday, there always seems to be so much going on.

And, of course, I like to complicate things by adding even more to an already crazy schedule. There are just too many cool ideas out there to try.

For example, I've been wanting to make the girls and I patriotic flip flops for years, and I finally got them done this year. Of course it was July 3rd before I even started on them, but they're done. And never mind that Stinkerbell's flip flops are several sizes too big for her. She'll grow into them. Eventually.

To kick off our exhausting holiday every year, we bike into town to watch the parade. Peanut Head wanted to take Gunny with us this year, and since none of us was clamoring to wear Mr. Poochie Pants in the baby carrier, Peanut Head found this nifty little Walkie Dog contraption that attaches to the bike.

Since you know I never pass up an opportunity to make fun of Peanut Head, I'm going to stop and share the reason behind this seemingly unnecessary piece of equipment. 

Since summer has sort of hit in Idaho, we've been taking bike rides together as a family. Gunny has accompanied us on many bike rides and, because I possess an uncanny ability to exercise my imagination in regards to all things that could possibly go wrong in any given situation, a gift to all mothers upon expelling their first born, I was not about to man the leash with our sweet little dogidita at the other end.

Think about it.

Yep. The Gunesita loves to run in front of Peanut Head's bike. After which Peanut Head does a marvelous flip, head over heels over his handlebars, with his back tire following him in his graceful dive to the ground, and landing atop his incredulous, but apparently unimaginative peanut head.

And my friends, it is all I can do to restrain my laughter, giving myself an implosive inward snort that must be embraced with a violent cranial hug, thereby dang near giving myself a nose bleed. It's a painful process that has been repeated over and over and over again. I only wish I had some footage to share with you.

Not of myself, of course, but of Peanut Head's aerial feat.

Now you know. This seemingly unnecessary piece of equipment, the Walky Dog Bicycle Leash, is a very necessary piece of equipment. You could say it's the glue that is holding my marriage together at the moment.

Since I possess a minimal amount of self-control.

And Gunny loves it. He will run for hours and hours and hours along side his Peanut Head. He will run until he is no longer propelling Peanut Head's bike, his tongue dragging on the ground, his eyes rolling back in his head.

All the while with a smile on his face.

And then Peanut Head, because he loves his little dogidita mucho, will stop and put him in this little baby buggy.

And together they will ride off into the sunset. A man and his dog.

Two grunts in love.

It's a vicious cycle.

Completely unrelated, except as it applies to the holiday weekend, I made some patriotic Rice Krispies treats. I haven't made these in years, and I was amazed at how easy they are. 

Since I plan to make them more often, I couldn't resist making a recipe card for them.

Not that you need a recipe card, because the recipe is on the cereal box. Doi. But you know me, I'm all about the cute.

Have a great week, Peeps!


  1. thanks for stopping by the other day... I was off on a mission trip...anyway..I love the flip festive... and I may just need to get one of those leash cool

  2. I made those with my girls the other day. I mixed the sprinkles in with the Rice Krispies before adding the butter/marshmallows, but your way might be cuter. :)
    And I love the dog leash and bike trailer. That is so cute!

  3. I love how Gunny gets to do activities with the Fam! Thats the best - bet he was to tired to chew anything that night hu?
    Flip flops are cute...i thought of this project for this year but was walking around Philly & that would have made for bad walk-wear..but your are super cute!
    & the recipe card is "awesomely" cute! Love your cards!!!

  4. Lucky dog!!! so funny, and your patriotic crafts are impressive!!!


  5. Wow-love the flip flops!!! So is it just pretty ribbons tied on to flip flops???? They are awesome! Love the girls' matchy dresses too.

  6. Love those patriotic flip flops! What a cute idea :)

    LOL, at the dog trailer. I wanted one of those for the kids when they were smaller. I would need a bike first.

    Now I want some rice krispie treats.

  7. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cooking category today [06 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  8. happy belated 4th to you!

    Love the girls outfit and those flip flops...really cool and perfect for the holidays. And Gunny is a cutie and had it made on that "doggy" ride.. ha ha..cute!

    Our 4th was cloudy, and rainy due to the dying hurricane on our gulf coast. Still though... we had a blast (no pun intended) ha ha along with the fireworks.


  9. Great ideas for flip flops. I also like the dog contraption. Have a great day!

  10. Love those rice crispy treats!! Cute. And, I don't blame you for laughing...I would too!

  11. Awwww Gunny is so cute running along then lounging in his bike trailer!

    The girls look so CUTE in their matching dresses/bows. LOVE the patriotic flops and those rice crispy treats look YUMMY! Hope you all are enjoying your summer.♥

  12. love the flips wish I had done something like that this year...

  13. O.M.G. That is hilarious!! (dog in the baby buggy) LOL

  14. Oh my gosh!!!! If only I could see that in real life! LOL

  15. Looks like you had a great time. Very patriotic and all.....mocking Peanuthead.......nice.

    Now off to try the treats. I know, it's a little late, but I was busy in the ER the entire weekend so I'm celebrating everything late.

  16. Your girls are adorable! Peanut head is hilarious with his pup in tow...and oh how delicious those rice crispy treats look (did you save me one? ;)

    Jamie :)

  17. Love all your ideas!Very patriotic!
    I wanted to let you know that I have passed along two blog awards to you. You can stop by my blog and pick them up. Have a great week!

  18. Darling rice crispies...I just love those things!! So yummy!

    And your girls are darling!!

  19. Well,its Really cool and perfect for the holidays. And Gunny is a cutie and had it made on that "doggy" ride, thanx for the share.