Sunday, July 25, 2010

Man Skillz

I just found the niftiest book for you to give to your man for Christmas this year. Or a man, anyway. It would be a good gift for a brother too. Although maybe not my brother. Someone would have to give him a sense of humor first. He's so stiff. I only wish I had kept this book from Peanut Head so I could give it to him for Christmas this year.

I love this Man Skills book because it has the best topics. I could entertain myself for hours just reading the Table of Contents alone. In fact, I couldn't wait another minute to share some of my favorites with you. Here they are:

How to Drive Down a Flight of Stairs
How to Drive Up a Flight of Stairs
How to Pee in the Car While Stuck in Traffic (I can personally attest to this being a useful skill, although not that impressive for a man. Seriously.)
How to Bail Out of a Street Luge
How to Disarm an Irate Golfer
How to Control Your Golf Rage
How to Treat a Dart Injury
How to Make Household Chores Fun
Facial Hair Options (complete with illustrations)
Emergency Phrases for When You're in the Doghouse
How to Sleep on the Couch
How to Rid a Bedroom of Monsters
How to Bond with Your Teenager
How to Build a Cat Fort
How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth
How to Discreetly Pass Gas Mid-Meeting
How to Stifle Uncontrollable Laughter
How to Take the Last Doughnut
How to Remove a Tie Caught in the Document Feeder
How to Unclog the Office Toilet without a Plunger
How to Drive a Tank
How to Deal with a Quadruple Blowout
How to Continue Driving on Four Blown Tires

And my personal favorite:
How to Apologize When You Don't Know What You've Done Wrong

I think the funniest part of this book is that many men would consider these to be useful skills. Peanut Head read this book from cover to cover and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I even saw him taking notes too.

He's such a nerd.


  1. HAHAHAHA that book sounds like a great one for any man!! Hope you are enjoying your summer.♥

  2. Oh, I might have to buy a couple copies of that for Christmas...

  3. Oh my heck!!!!
    That looks like the perfect gift.
    I'm off to find one (or 10) now!

  4. I love the worst case senario handbooks. although, they got to me when I was pregnant with Danica. I have this phobia of bridges collapsing and putting my car under ice, which got worse when I was attempting to figure out how I'd get me AND a baby out... anyway, I have the Worst Case Senario calender for 2005 when she was born, and the Worst Case Senario handbook (the yellow ones...) and a friend and I were flippig through them and they kept showing the "how to get out of a car that is trapped under water" page and freaking me out. No matter what, I had to cross a river to get home that day, and it was soooo scary. :-P

    But that series is HIGHLY amusing, and slightly useful too! Sort of like Uncle John's Bathroom Readers.

  5. Oh my my my......ha ha ha ha!

    Unbelievably funny! My hubby and boys would love this. Ok I gotta confess my favorite is the one about passing gas discreetly ha ha! Oh and the one about making household chores fun.

    Sounds like a great book....thanks for sharing


  6. Great idea for a gift for my husband. I'll have to get one. Have a great day.

  7. This is the type of thing that my hubby would love. LOL

  8. My hubby doesn't like to read much, while I, on the other hand could read for hours. And I could also stay in a bookstore for hours. A couple of weeks ago on our date night, he took me to Borders. I grabbed a stack of books to browse through and I grabbed this book for him, it was fantastic! Kept him entertained for almost an hour, lol!

  9. Brilliant! Thanks for the share :)

  10. Love it!! good stuff I forget about those my hubby could use it for sure

  11. Sounds great; hey I need to know how to rid a bedroom of monsters!!!Aria gets scared all the time....ohhh I can't wait till this stage is over!