Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh Crop-A-Dile, Why Didn't You Tell Me?

I'm feeling like a big 'ol bonehead right now. All this time, I've had a Crop-A-Dile just sitting in my craft tools, not being used to its full potential. Wasted. Unloved. Unappreciated.

And all because I just didn't know what it was capable of. Look at this. Just look. Do you see those holes that I punched in my clipboard, just for the purpose of threading ribbon through in order to beribbon and prettify its clippitiness?

My Crop-a-Dile did that. I know! And it took no muscle at all. It was just a dainty little crop-a-bite. Serie. Ous. Ly.

So now I'm frantically running through the house, snapping up all my cutified clipboards so I can throw even more cute at them.

Do you want to know how I discovered this crafty tip? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway, so just sit tight. It was our Kindergarten teacher. I saw her sporting a clipboard with little crop-a-bites taken out of it, and I practically squealed with delight. Then I snatched it out of her hands so I could inspect it. Good thing she already thinks I'm a freak.

The sad thing is that she's always saying "I'm not crafty like you . . . , blah-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da." I don't know how many times I hear people exclaim this, but my response is always the same. "Who care's if you're not crafty! If you can copy, you can craft!"

In the scrapping world we call it scraplifting. In the crafting world, I'm giving it the name craftlifting. I like to make up new words. It's a passion of mine. And nicknames.

I don't just pull all my ideas out of my hoojit, I troll other blogs and craft fairs and I get half of my ideas from people not myself. I get ideas and I get inspiration. Lots of it. I craftlift regularly. It keeps my crafty limber.

Ha! I kill myself.

This is a Crop-A-Dile, just in case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about. It's supposed to be for punching holes and setting eyelets. Scrapbooky stuff. And I hear, although I haven't tested it yet, the word on the street is that you can punch holes in tin and set eyelets in tin with this baby. Can you believe that? I can't wait to give that one a try. 

Spring break can't get here fast enough.

See, watch me crop-a-bite.

And beribbon.

And beribbon some more. Because I can.

I call this clipboard my Circus clipboard because I have every color on it. I like the bright.

And yes, I know my holes aren't lined up straight, but honestly, I don't give a rat's hairy behind if they're lined up. You can't see that beyond the ribbon unless you're a super freak. And yes, technically I noticed, but I'm letting it go. Doctor's orders.

Here's another one of my dirty little secrets. I buy clipboards in bulk. [Gasp]


  1. i always forget about my trusty crop-a-dile thanks for the reminder

  2. I love my Crop-A-Dile. It is one of the greatest things to craft with.


  3. I have never heard of it, but love the name...sounds so cool! Loving the clipboards too - very clever!

  4. I just ordered a crop-a-dile big bite II. Can't wait till it gets here!

  5. LOVE the Crop-a-dile. It can also punch through tin buckets! Seriously. And I saw them at Wal-mart yesterday (I'm in MN.) on clearance for $10. Orange or pink, in a case. Great deal.

  6. It punches through all sorts of stuff! And if you use the eyelet setter part, and only push it down part way, you can emboss little circles with it too! It's SUPER cute!!

  7. Are you serious?! I need to try it on my clipboard asap. Off try it! TOOO cute!

  8. How much are you paying for those Clipboards? 6/pk
    Thanks for the tip on Walmart as well. I will check it out tomorrow and see if San Diego Walmart has it on clearance as well.

    To Cute!

  9. Very cute little project you have with the ribbons and clipboard.
    I've looked at crop-a-diles but have never purchased one.....not sure why, I have about every craft thing known to man!
    Thanks for the email today. It's nice to know someone is a "stone's throw away"
    Love your blog, you are one creative little lady.

  10. I saw someone do that on their blog just recently! I meant to tell you but it went right out of my head. I plan to buy me one of those someday!!

    Where do you get the clipboards from? I have, so far, gotten mine from the dollar store but I think I'll be buying them in bulk too, I was looking at prices a while back before I started the stampin up thingy thing. I know we have some clipboards too, but not sure if I'll get them through there or not.

    Don't you just Looooovvvvee when you find a new crafty way to use something you already have??!!

  11. Okay, First of all, I am LOVIN' the blog's new look, and SECOND...I have like 8 clipboards that are banished to the darkest corners of my office supplies, cause I don't really use them much, and well, they are how do I say...unattractive!!! HOLY CRAP do I wanna craftlift this idea from, I need ta find me a crop-a-dile thing a majig....oh just wait...

  12. You are so cute! I will just have to go out and get me one of these "Crop-o-dile" thingys. Now look what you have started. I have cute clipboards all over my house also--WATCH BOARDS HERE I COME!

  13. I just bought a crop a dile in a storage case with bonus eyelets at walmart on clearance. It was such a good deal that I went back later and bought the crop a dile "big bite" just a few days later. I was so proud of myself for getting them 60% off!!! However the next week when I was there they had marked them down to $10.00!!! Oh well I still got a good price. I have been horriable though because I haven't used them yet. I will this week though (I hope).

    Like you I also buy clipboards in bulk. They are so much fun to make and so useful that I never run out of reasons to make them.

  14. Hmmm... I wonder if they can be used to pierce some ears too????

  15. loooove the name. i want a crop a dile!!

  16. I have never heard of this crafty gadget before and certainly wouldn't find it on this side of the world. Your beribboned clipboards are fantastic. And if that baby can cut through tin, then I'm sold and will be on the lookout for it when in the States this summer. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  17. I have one too that I have no idea how to use. I opened it, it scared me and I haven't touched it since. Is there a particular setting on it? I don't have my instructions or package so I am sort of at a lost. I did try to do an eyelet and it kept squishing it so i gave up.

  18. Love the look. I really need to get one. It's the one tool my husband keeps telling me I need but it seems that when I go to buy one I find something else I HAVE to have :)

  19. I am super stoked to get my laundry room done, because it will be my scrapbook storage room too, and I'll get to put out all my tools. then take stock. then buy more. Like this crop-a-dile you speak of...

    so stoke. thanks for sharing!

  20. Saw some videos on youtube and I had to get me a Big Bite. I followed the youtube advice and superglued on the rubber feet bits.

    Sad to report I have only used it to punch holes in belts (because my son is a skinny winny!) and in old CD's (I made some super easy cheesey lacing toys for my 2 yr old w/ cd, photo printed cd labels, Big Bite and old shoelace).

    And you are sooo right - it punches with no effort at all!!

    Would love to know what else to use it for.

  21. I have one of those too! I am learning more and more things about it! Thanks for sharing this. I did not know it would bite through a clipboard. Your's is darling by the way!!

  22. I have the same Crop a Dile and I would not have thought that it would have punched through a clipboard. Sweet! I love your To Do clipboard...hmmm, I should make one!

  23. I'd like to know where you buy the clipboards in bulk as well. Love the blog and love your humor!

  24. I work at a Sam's Club and we sell bulk packages of clipboards, too.
    Make sure to get the smooth kind. One brand has little hairy fibers that rub off and look like whiskers all over the place...ack!
    I love my crop-a-dile. Cuts through those little metal tins like buddah and you so have me running upstairs to make my clipboards look like sieves, now Ü