Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Your Spring On!

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Too much to do, not enough time for fun, and summer vacation waaaaaay too far away. Spring break is right around the corner though, and I'm hoping to get my spring on, do a little recuperating, and find some time to blog hop and get inspired. I need that.

Have you been in the stores lately and noticed all the gorgeous spring stuff out? It puts me in a summer clothes shopping mood, so I decided to whip this baby up. One of my goals for spring break is to empty out the girls' closets and figure out what they have and what they need for spring and summer, and this list is going to help me do that.

If you're in need of some warmer weather clothes shopping, click on the list to get the best resolution, save it to your hard drive, and print it out as an 8-1/2 x 11 page on plain white paper. Set your printer up to print a borderless image and you'll get the best results. Enjoy!


  1. I remember seeing your list before and it is a great idea. I am SOOOO ready for Spring Break too. We are actually going somewhere on a VACATION!!!! I'm so excited and I'll probably post about it on Wednesday.♥

  2. Ugh! I have to do this too:-( Not my favorite task but oh so necessary:-)

  3. Oh my gosh-spring!! Does that really still exist?!!
    I hope it comes soon.
    We have sring break around the corner too. Not shure if im looking forward to it though - a week with my kids home...hmmmm thats a headach waiting to happen.
    Thanks for the list - i love the lists you make!

  4. jill

    this is dang cute!



  5. This is me, checking in after an eon long absence! I'm hoping to be around more on a regular basis. My hopes are that if I comment on enough of my favorite blogs, people might remember me! LOL.

    Much love to you and yours, Jill!

  6. very cute wanna make us chore charts?

    the buzz, brandy

  7. This will come in so handy. I just printed one for each of the kids to take their own inventory. Thanks for sharing.