Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a nice Valentine's Day. It was a pretty low-key day here.  I've been watching a lot of the Olympics, and I've seen that Dairy Queen Valentine cake commercial one time too many. Which is why I now have a half-eaten Dairy Queen Valentine cake. [Burp]

And because you shouldn't eat dessert first, we readied ourselves with a greasy heart shaped pizza. Not that you can tell that it's heart shaped. The only heart I can see is the heart attack I may have from all the grease on it. It sure was yummy though. I'd say we celebrated Valentine's Day in style. Ooh boy!

I had grand plans for Valentine's Day this year too. I had crafts I wanted to do, goodies I wanted to make, and cutesie Valentine sewing projects I wanted to complete. Then I got sick.

I had it coming too. Like a bonehead, I went and boasted, "I haven't been sick once this school year, blah, blah, blah." Then a lightning bolt promptly shot down from the sky and I was stricken with the Black Death.

At which point all my motivation and give a ding-dang heck departed. And nothing got done. And I didn't ding-dang care. At all.

I did recover though, and at practically the last minute, I did manage to put some treat bags together for the girls to take to school. Thankfully I already had the treat toppers in a kit, so all I had to do was drag and drop the pictures into them. The girls put them together, with much bossing from me.

I made some for my class too, except minus the picture. That would have been CUH-reepy. Sixth graders do not want a picture of their teacher. Ick.

As I was saying, we had a low-key day. Here are the girlies, scrapbooking. It's a scary, scary thing. Santa gave them scrapbooking kits awhile back and they looooooooove to scrapbook.

I can't watch.

I'm too anal and their non-symmetrical pages and haphazard placement of uncoordinating bling and hoo hah make me crazy. C-C-C-C-C-RAZY.

This is what my basement looks like today. Who am I kidding, the whole house looks like this right now. I tried to get a Valentine sewing project done for today, but I didn't make it. I got it part way done and I made a ginormous mess. And I don't feel like cleaning it up.

So I'm not gonna.

But I have tomorrow off, so it's okay. I'm pretty giddy about it too. Poor, poor Peanut Head has to go to work tomorrow. What about you? Do you have tomorrow off?


  1. I was sick too:-( But we still managed to squeeze out a good Valentines:-)

  2. I have tomorrow off but only by default... we teachers supervized personal project and the comp time is tomorrow...otherwise it would be a workshop day...ack!

  3. The food looks DELICIOUS! We don't have a Dairy Queen around here or we might have had that yummy looking heart too!

    Sorry you have been under the weather. Glad you are feeling better. The goodie bags for your girls and for your class are too CUTE!

    I bet the girls are doing a great scrapbooking job. Have a great day off...enjoy. I'm not off but I only have a part-time job of 3 hours each weekday morning. LOVE it!

    Happy Valentine's Day.♥

  4. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better soon! Back to your normal, crazy self. :)

  5. Glad you're feeling better, Jill. We had pizza for Valentine's Day too and homemade blueberry pie. I'm now ready to pass out....

  6. I am so glad to see someone else's basement looks like that today too! Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. yummy food! I hate getting sick and behind -it's that much harder to catch-up. The treat bags looks great though.

  8. funny! i've been seeing those commercials and wanted a cake so bad, but I didn't get one. boo.

  9. I actually worked all day yesterday unfortunately, but its all allright. Cake and pizza look delicious!!!

  10. My hubby bought that heart shaped pizza for the kids and they LOVED it. Looks really tasty!

    I totally know what you are saying about the kids scrapping. I feel the same way, I want to help, but I know I haveta keep my mouth shut! LOL!

  11. The kids Valentine's are adorable - I love the addition of their photos on each one. Very cute.


  12. I had "tomorrow" off. I cleaned my house. My cat was sick on friday, and decided to spread the love over the whole house. and I mean whole house. he only missed two rooms, the laudry room (which saw a lot of action, as he was sick on EVERYTHING.) and the kitchen. conveniently, two rooms with linolium. Not carpet. Easy to clean rooms. not carpet. Not the carpets I washed LAST WEEKEND. So now I gotta rent a rug Doctor AGAIN. sigh.

    So I cleaned the house and napped. haha! You may think I'm bragging, but I've had the chest infection of death since new years, so this is the first time my house has been cleaned this year! EWWW!

    feel better soon!

  13. My daughter is 9 1/2 and just last month, asked me to give her some pointers for my very standard form of boring scrapbooking. Prior to that her pages (and my 8 year olds), literally caused me to twitch. So I get it. They had taken enrichment classes after school that were supposed to show them how to get things started, IMO they just babysat. But they still enjoyed it.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  14. I hope you are feeling better!! the bags were darling. What a great mom!!

  15. Jill - I can't remember how I found you, which is too bad cuz now I can't thank them, too. But you're amazing!! I love your cute personality and I love knowing there are crazy, anal, list-making people out there in cyberspace like me! And to top it off, you actually WRITE about it!

    You rock my socks. I will be a regular reader, I'll try to up-it and not just lurk... And I secretly think I might up-it by making my own silly blog public -- because YOU actually make it sound do-able.